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Episode 827

The Importance of Understanding Your CRM-Part 1: Episode 827


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Episode 827 – The Importance of Understanding Your CRM-Part 1: Episode 827

Hi Cleaning Nation! Today on the podcast, we have another snippet from our recent live event. This time with Jackson and Jered, out two in-house marketing managers. They are going to be talking about your CRM or your customer retention management, why it is so important and what tools you can use to improve your current rates. This principle has a direct correlation to how many people find you as a business, so it’s really important to understand and apply.

Why Does This Matter

When Jered was 19, he served a service mission for his church. Every Wednesday was his day off where he had free time to do other things. For him that was basketball. Every Wednesday, he would play basketball for like four hours. As time went on, he started to notice that his companion (the partner he was assigned to work with) would never join in playing basketball with all the other missionaries. One day, Jered asked him why he never joined in and he said because they had to shoot to get in, he could never get past that first initial part to join in an actual basketball game. Jered suggested he go over to the other side of the court and start practicing his free throws so he could get in a game, otherwise, it was going to be a long two years. This example is so similar to what many of us say as cleaners. We aren’t ‘good at’ this or that. We have this or that problem, but never try to diagnose the issue so that we can resolve it. That’s what understanding your CRM is all about. It’s fixing the kinks in the hose so that they water can run steady and freely.

Understanding How to Improve Your CRM On Your Own

This is one of those skills that isn’t super complex or hard to understand and if you can learn it on your own rather than have someone do it for you, it will be a real advantage since you’ll be able to continue to improve it without hiring someone to do it for you. And the process is easy to understand. In fact, neither Jered nor Jackson graduated college in anything having to do with this skill set.

Identify Kinks and Bottlenecks

To understand what your current and future customers want, you have to know what they need and what you could do to better serve and connect with them. Lots of our clients try to keep this kind of information on a Google sheet, but it eventually catches up with them as their company grows and that method is neither sustainable nor as informative as using a software like pipeline pro. This software is designed to be intuitive and give you a leg up, so that you know information like who signed on this month, who is late on payments, who is coming up on a year of being a client, who quit their contract, etc. This allows you to find the kinks in your hose and the bottlenecks preventing you from attracting the most customers possible in a positive way.

Final Takeaway: Doing the work to improve your CRMs is the secret to understanding your clients, understanding your business, and improving the workings of both. 

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