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Episode 796

Stop Wasting Time Doing This.. Spend More Time Doing This: Episode 796


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Episode 796 – Stop Wasting Time Doing This.. Spend More Time Doing This

Welcome to the podcast Clean Nation! Today, we have Mike chatting with our very own Jackson Pinkowski. Jackson is our in-house traffic guy. He also does daily phone calls with our next-level members. Mike talks to multiple owners of cleaning companies as well, and in their experience chatting with all these owners of cleaning companies, they have noticed some trends in what people are spending too much of their time focused on with a very small return, and what they aren’t spending enough time on that could yield a much bigger return. Listen in to learn if you could be falling into either of these two categories.

A Common Time Waster

One of the most common time wasters they see in working with owners of cleaning companies is the focus on cosmetic things. So, whether it be focusing on the aesthetics of their websites, business cards, or logos, this isn’t the best use of time when you haven’t had a lead in the last month. When your business is going well and leads are coming in, that is the time when you can focus on those more trivial things and be more knit-picky, but not when you have a traffic problem. In other words, stop focusing on stuff that makes you feel good, start focusing on stuff that gets results.

Don’t Get Caught Up On the Numbers

Another thing they see people doing often is focusing on numbers that don’t matter. A great example of this is one of the people they had in our next-level program who was getting 20,000 impressions per month. He was super stoked about it but when we asked him how many leads he was getting from these numbers, he wasn’t getting any. Instead of focusing on these high numbers, they showed him the importance of focusing on people who would actually be interested in his product. He went down to 200 impressions a month but was getting more leads from that focused amount than he was when he was getting 20,000.

Low Hanging Fruits You May Not Be Taking Advantage of

Three words…Google My Business. Google my business is essentially free advertising that so many people don’t take advantage of. As we’re coming out of the pandemic, Google is pushing small businesses who have their Google my business set up more than ever before as a way to support small businesses. They have said they want to make them feel supported as they are coming out of these trying times. On Google my business, you can add your information, make it cohesive with your brand, ad your website, a link to book a call, and of course, most importantly, reviews. Reviews are so essential in today’s climate to really get trust from potential clients. If you aren’t taking advantage of Google My Business, you are missing our on this opportunity to gain trust with others. Take the time to make it really appeal to people, you’ll be glad you did.

Final Takeaway: Don’t spend so much time on ‘looking fancy’ and more time making sure you’re seen and set up on Google.

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