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Episode 815

Proven Systems- Why They are Your Key to Freedom: Episode 815


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Episode 815 –Proven Systems- Why They are Your Key to Freedom

Hi Clean Nation! Welcome to the podcast! Today, our fabulous in-house mindset coach, Tracey, is here to talk to Danielle Humphreys. She and her husband started Humphrey’s Cleaning Service in 2014 in Shippensburg, Pennsylvania. They have been in the cleaning business for a while and the landscape has changed so much since they started. Listen in as she and Tracey chat about the things they have changed due to being part of the Clean Profit Method these past couple of years, what they have learned and what is working for them.

What Needed to Change

Danielle and William started a cleaning company because they wanted to work for themselves after Danielle started cleaning for a cleaning company in college. After making that intentional decision, they moved forward to make sure that everything was done correctly including getting an LLC and setting up their business properly. They initially started out doing mostly residential cleaning but realized commerical suited more of what they were looking for and made the switch soon after. They also wanted to continue to do things correctly. Danielle first found out about Mike through his podcast and decided she was ready to get out of cleaning and into running her business. That’s when she and William joined the Clean Profit Method.

The Power of Core Values

Once Danielle and William joined the Clean Profit Method, they learned about the importance of Core Values. In their case, their core values are: be positive, be kind, be truthful, and be positive. Once they got clear on their core values, they were able to look around at their current employees and realize that some of the current employees they had and even some of their current clients didn’t have the core values that were the most important to them. Once they were able to start hiring and onboarding clients who all lined up with their core values, everyone was on the same page and things started moving a lot more quickly.

The Power of Systems

Danielle thinks it’s a myth that there is a hiring shortage right now. That if you have a good system in place, it will find those people who are ready and willing to work. That takes away the need to always be putting out fires and allows you to focus on building the business and growing it. Danny learned the power of systems when she recently had a baby. Because she had solid systems in place, she was able to replace herself with someone else who understands the system and continues to have things run smoothly. For this to work, trust is an implicit part of the process. When you are hiring great people and them training great people, you can trust that they will continue to run things as smoothly as when you were the one cleaning in the business. 

Final Takeaway: Trust in the process, trust in your employees, trust in yourself. 

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