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Episode 1104

Profit-Driven Time Management: Unlocking Revenue Potential for Business Owners: Episode 1104


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Episode 1104 – Profit-Driven Time Management: Unlocking Revenue Potential for Business Owners

Introduction: Reintroducing Clean Profit Live

Mike Campion announces the return of Clean Profit Live after a hiatus of over a year. He plans to walk through the entire Clean Profit Method with eight owners over three days in Scottsdale, hosted in a beautiful mansion he rented. The limited attendance of eight ensures personal attention due to space constraints.

Announcement and Details of Clean Profit Live

Interested participants can find more information at The event includes hosting, dinners, and accommodation in the mansion, with attendees responsible for their travel expenses and event fees. Prospective participants need to apply, ensuring compatibility with the program.

Answering Listener Questions: Luke's Dilemma

Mike addresses Luke’s question about balancing cleaning duties with business growth activities. He emphasizes the misconception of equating cleaning with direct profit, urging listeners to calculate their true earnings considering all business aspects. Mike advises prioritizing activities that generate higher returns and seeking coaching if unsure about strategies.

Direct Communication between Clients and Workers

Responding to Laura’s inquiry, Mike suggests utilizing communication software like Swept or Housecall Pro to facilitate direct client-worker communication. He emphasizes maintaining a record of interactions and ensuring streamlined communication channels for efficiency.

Setting Boundaries and Monitoring Communication

Mike stresses the importance of aligning communication methods with company values and streamlining processes for consistency. He encourages fostering a culture of trust and accountability, minimizing the need for strict guidelines. Centralized communication platforms like Slack ensure transparency and record-keeping, facilitating smoother operations.

Call to Action: Gathering Audience Input

Lindsay invites Cleaning Nation to share their top time-consuming tasks and feelings about them, encouraging them to submit questions for future discussions. Mike concludes by promoting Clean Profit Live and thanking listeners for their participation.
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