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Episode 798

How to Write a Successful Hiring Ad Part 2: Episode 798


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Episode 798 – How to Write a Successful Hiring Ad Part 2

Hi Cleaning Nation! Today, we have part 2 of how to write a successful hiring ad. This part focuses more on the funnel itself and the systems you should be setting up to make sure it’s running smoothly and effectively. This episode is packed full of really applicable, tactical information that will help you set up a funnel that will keep your hiring pool full at all times.

Where to Start With Your Funnel

When you are starting your funnel, you’ll want to go into it knowing that though there is software that can make your job a lot easier, nothing is foolproof. You will always need to be making tweaks in there every now and then to make sure the funnel is the best it can be. We currently recommend as the best option to post a listing. It isn’t without its quirks, and it is somewhat limited on the customization side, but we haven’t found anything better out there as of yet.

How Much Should You Be Paying Per Lead?

Typically, you don’t want to pay more than $1-$3 a lead. Sometimes, like the climate when the government was paying people not to work, the lead amount will go up a little bit. But if you’re paying $500 a month and getting two leads, you know something is wrong. Put another way, $1-3 is green, $3-$6 is yellow, anything above $6 is red and that’s too much. How much you spend per month is going to depend on how many employees you want to be hiring per month. Obviously, if you need more leads than that, you’re going to need to spend more money.

Your Hiring System

Once someone responds to your ad, the next thing you’ll want to do is set up a weekly group interview that is on the same day and time every week. Once that is systemized, your goal will be that 10% of your applicants show up to that interview. People tend to freak out even if 10% show up but the truth is that enough that you don’t need to worry. If you get 70 applicants and 7 show up, you’ll be good to go and always have a solid employee pool. If you are getting less than 10% of people showing up to that initial group interview, that is a kink in your hose that needs fixing. If you are getting less than 10% of people showing up, there is likely something wrong with your follow-up funnel. Start there and see if you can find the disconnect.

Remember the Trends

One thing that is going to be super helpful as you are setting up this system is to remember that a high turn rate in the cleaning industry is very normal. Often, about one or two times a year, cleaners will quit in bunches. So you may have three cleaners quit at once. If you feel like you are comfortable with the current cleaners you have and you turn off your hiring funnel completely, when those three people quit, you’re going to be put in a really tough spot. If you understand that process and always keep your options open in terms of people you can potentially hire, you’ll never be put in that lurch of a situation. This is also the best way to avoid having to go back to cleaning yourself. You’ll never be put in a desperate situation where there’s no other option.

Final Takaway: Keep your leads low, expect 10% to show up to the interviews, and always keep a pool of potential hires for when others inevitably quit.

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