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Episode 680

How a Positive Mindset and Faith in Yourself Can Help You GROW Your Cleaning Company: Episode 680


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Episode 680 – How a Positive Mindset and Faith in Yourself Can Help You GROW Your Cleaning Company

Today our Guest is Devin Oliver who is the biggest mindset winner of our whole group in Tracey’s opinion. Devin owns the Good Samaritan Cleaning Corporation. They serve commercial clients and he started in May 2011, in Miami, Florida.

He and his wife used the guise of cleaning to train and develop leaders to bring peace of mind to their deserving clients. We’d love to share that Devin, aside from being an amazing business owner, has grown so far in such a short amount of time since we’ve been working with him.

Where did you start and when did you realize that you needed to make a change?

A couple of years ago, when he was still doing the cleaning, he liked to listen to things to help him grow his cleaning company. He searched on YouTube, “How to Grow My Cleaning Company”, and Mike came up and he started to listen to the Grow My Cleaning Company podcast. He was able to make a few changes based on just listening to the podcast.

A few years later, he felt that he needed a training program, to better train his employees. He needed to do something different to get them to the next level. He paid $600 for a different training program for his employees but nothing happened. 

Then he remembered Grow My Cleaning Company. He thought that he needed to invest in himself because he just went too long without having the growth and the foundation that he needed to build the level of a company. That’s what made him proactive and getting involved in GMCC.

How did Devin shift his Mindset?

The very first thing that comes to Devin’s mind is he had to change his mindset to get further in his business. At first, he was hesitant because since he is a pastor he already has a positive mindset. He spends a lot of time pastoring other people on their mindset and he is always speaking positive things and thoughts.

When he joined the GMCC program he thought that he just needed the right information. However, as he opened up, he realized that there’s another level to grow personally with his mind outside of growing his cleaning company. There was something that he learned in the program that pointed out things that he didn’t know. One of those things was overpaying his employees and because of that his net profit is affected.

Tracey Noticed Devin’s Mindset Immediately

When Tracey started working with Devin on the program, what she found in him is that he has such a positive attitude. She saw that Devin is one of those guys who is always looking for growth. Devin is always looking for a way to better himself and to better his company.

Tracey's Advice

To all the listeners and readers out there, if you’re thinking,“I want to grow, but I’m pretty sure it’s just that I need this strategy or just that”, so much of this is actually a mindset issue to overcome. We are here to help you. We will ask you some questions like we did with Devin about this. Even though you might be a very positive minded person, those distinctions and the mindset are key. Making a distinction between reality, and things that are just stories or the “monkey mind”is so crucial. What the monkey mind was telling Devin versus how he mastered his millionaire mindset to accomplish his goals, such as creating the employee funnel in the program.

Devin's Takeaway

Devin says, “Faith is believing in what you cannot see. So have faith that you can do anything that you set your mind to. You don’t have to have it right now. Just believe it anyway, and just do the work. Faith is really just believing in the possibilities, right? Believing in what you can’t see. So I really thought I was a person of faith. But in me holding back on myself, I realized, wait a minute, this is not faith. This is fear and doubt and the monkey brain. So I just decided to move in faith because I know that I can do it. Especially with this support system.”

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