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Episode 894

Give Value First, Then Ask Others to Give: Episode 894


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Episode 894 – Give Value First, Then Ask Others to Give

Today on the podcast, Mike is chatting with Shawna Pettry of Gladys, Virginia. Shawna started Lovebugs Cleaning and Decorative Services in May 2022 and is looking to expand and grow by hiring her first employees. As of now, it is just her and her fiance doing all the cleaning but she wants to grow her business and wants to know specifically how to get more reviews so that the business has more social proof and people are more likely to choose her over another cleaning company.

What’s in a Review

Before you focus on one very specific part of your business, it’s important to get to the bottom of that thing and ask yourself if it is the real problem. If you aren’t getting enough leads to keep your business afloat, focusing on reviews isn’t going to make a difference if not enough eyes are on those reviews anyway. If you are getting lots of eyes on your business and they aren’t contacting you, reviews could be more helpful to give them that extra confidence you’ll be a good fit. When it comes to reviews, you don’t always have to ask for reviews from people you have cleaned for. You can ask people for reviews who know you and your work ethic and can recommend you as a great business choice.

How to Pitch a Genuine Review

If you are looking for someone to give you a review, make it about them not about you. Let them know if they have found value in what you have to offer, they can leave a review so others can have a similar positive experience. It is always best to lead with value, then people will be more willing to give of their time to give you a review. And if their experience has been a positive one, they are more likely to give you a positive review. Another great option is to give extra value first THEN ask for a review. If you give every client a $20 gift card to Starbucks and do a great job on their house and ask for a review afterward, chances are, they are more likely to take the time to give that review. And lastly, if someone comments on how impressed they are with the work you did, be sincere and let them know you are trying to grow and expand their business and a review would really make a difference to you.

Final Takeaway: Lead with value and people will be more willing to give of themselves.

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