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Episode 868

De-Mistifying Facebook and Google Ad Words: Episode 868


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Episode 868 – De-Mistifying Facebook and Google Ad Words: Episode 868

Today on the podcast, we have Mike chatting with our wonderful (and his hair is pretty great too) in-house marketer Jered Robinson. Jered is in charge of all things marketing for Grow My Cleaning Company and he is here today to talk with Mike about Facebook ads vs Google, the pros and cons of both, and how you can use each to your advantage to get the most leverage, benefit, and effectiveness out of them to help propel your company forward.

Work With Facebook So it Will Work With You

People often think that Facebook is very transactional. If I spend x amount of dollars, Facebook will show this ad to y amount of users. But there is more to it than that. Facebook wants to show your ads to people who are going to engage with your ads because Facebook wants its users to stay on its platform. The more engaging your ads are, the more likely people are going to engage. The more people engage, the more people Facebook will show the ad to. So it’s a cycle that can really work to your benefit, and it is why it is so important to create engaging content.

The Advantage of Optimizing Your Ads

In Facebook ads, there is something called optimizing your ads. This is taking the time to see what ads are working (ideally, you’ll create several with different copy, images, messaging, etc.) before you through a bunch of money into ads. By spending 15 dollars a day and breaking that into $3 per ad, you can get some data to see what ad is performing the best. If you wait for about a week or so and continue to collect data, by the time you launch that ad, you will have social proof that it is effective, and an ad that is engaging well can last you for months. So it’s worth taking a few days to make sure that the ad is performing well so that your money can be spent in the most effective way. These ads are likely top-of-funnel ads. Then, once you get more data about who is going through your funnel to the end (maybe that’s booking a call with you) you can tell Facebook to find more people like those who are actually accomplishing the action you want them to accomplish. These leads and clicks will typically be more expensive because you are requiring more from them than just reading your ad.

Pros and Cons of Google

Google marketing is much more straightforward and focuses more directly on the pain a customer might be having. And because of that, people who find you on Google tend to be quicker to take action. I’m looking for someone to clean my house, here’s someone with good reviews, I’ll call them and make an appointment. Because of that, however, Google can be more expensive and more competitive. Another pro to Google is that it takes less of a marketing mind to market on Google. Using their ad software is fairly straightforward, and the messaging for Google ads is much more direct and to the point. For those reasons, it’s where Jered recommends starting if you’re trying to decide between Facebook and Google. 

Final Takeaway: Google and Facebook can both be great marketing tools, it’s just important to understand the differences between the two. 

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