The Three Main Priorities You Should Have to Grow Your Cleaning Business

  • March 12, 2018
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The Three Main Priorities You Should Have to Grow Your Cleaning Business

Today we’re chatting with Lori Freeman!

Lori asks a very good question, one I’ve ran across several times within Cleaning Nation. That is… how can you possibly get a grasp on the technology aspect of the business and grow a business that doesn’t “run wild” on you and morphs into a business you don’t really want to run.

The first step to growing an effective and profitable cleaning business is realizing you don’t need to know everything about the technology aspect. While it is important, it is not the most important thing. The first thing you need to do is stop cleaning yourself.

Cleaning yourself as the owner of the company is one of the least profitable things you can do in the business. As a business owner you have other priorities that should be taking up your attention. Here is a short (but not exhaustive) list of what priorities belong where for your cleaning business:

  1. Focusing on building systems. These can be client acquisition systems like marketing campaigns or systems that revolve around attracting top tier talent to work for your company.
  2. Focusing on company culture. Learn ways to motivate your people, make them feel like your company is more than just a job for them and they will outperform your competitors even if they’re getting paid the same hourly wage.
  3. Selling new accounts. Of course, nothing happens until you make a sale and actually have someone hand over money in exchange for your service. When you have good systems in place, you’ll have people eventually beating down your door that you can sell to, which is why I put it third.

Everything after these three things such as buying new equipment should only be a focus of yours once you got these on lock down. They are the levers of your business growth and take priority over everything else.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk about the technical side of the business: website, SEO, PPC campaigns etc.

At first glance all of this looks incredibly overwhelming. The good news is that just like you shouldn’t be cleaning because you have cleaners working for you, you can purchase peoples’ services to handle your SEO or web design just as easily.

Resource Alert: Creating Systems for Growth in Your Cleaning Company

The CEO of GE isn’t going around tweaking the CSS on his website. He has a team in place that handles that or a third party contractor that does it.

Your main job as a business owner is becoming a master of delegation, spotting talented people, and making good deals that help expand the business. None of this requires any technical know how.

When you’re looking to hire someone for these services, it’s useful to ask them HOW their service will make you money in the end. If a web designer just says they don’t care, they just design beautiful websites, move onto the next designer.

Beautiful sites are fine, but sites that convert and make you money are even more fine.

Now, if you’re saying that you don’t even have the marketing budget to expand into marketing, even if it’s just $500-800 per month… you’ve got a bigger problem on your hands than a lack of understanding of technical issues.

You have a broken business model and you need to fix that quick!

Go out and knock on doors, get your first few profitable accounts in there with a couple of cleaners that take care of the job for you before you start investing in other portions of your business. Remember, you’re not looking to just waste money with your business you’re looking to GROW the business and if you don’t have some kind of operational budget for that then you need to get back to cold calling and get yourself in the “green”.

You might be wondering if you’re in this situation… how do I even go about getting those first few clients? What are these systems I can build that could be so effective for me?

That is exactly why I spent so much time building out and creating The Cleaning Profit Method. While there may be different systems out there that work great, this is the system I personally used to grow a 7-figure cleaning business and teach to all of my coaching students who are looking to expand their cleaning business in a big way.

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Alright, let’s dive into the Lightning Round!

Lightning Round

Best advice you’ve received either personally or professionally?
Evaluate if you’re going to be a good leader. Not everyone is going to be a good leader and if you’re not a good leader you should rethink going into business since a big part of your job is going to be leading your people to give them the morale and excitement to work with you.
What’s the biggest mistake you’ve made in the cleaning business we can all learn from?.
I pulled into a job to clean their house and ended up leaving the house before it was actually done! Luckily, they did ask me back!
What’s one idea cleaning nation can put into practice to improve their business or their lives immediately?
Continually educating myself. Learning new ways of cleaning, new things to use, ways to grow have been a huge factor for me. If you are passionate about something you should always be open to learning more, there is always new things you can do to enhance and improve your skills.
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