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clean profit method


Nine steps to get you from zero to a multi million dollar cleaning company. Everything Mike has learned in 20 years. From humble beginnings with a Servicemaster Commercial Cleaning Franchise to buying, building and selling several multi million dollar companies!

9 Steps, 27 Modules, 30 Frameworks and & Action Items!! Everything you need to:

  • Create and run your company with YOUR Core Values
  • Take charge of your TIME (the most important resource any business owner has)
  • Bid (and bill) for maximum profit
  • Know EXACTLY WHAT to track and how to track it
  • Pick the right customer niche
  • Create your very own Branded Guarantee and Unique Selling Proposition
  • Create the PERFECT MESSAGE for your ideal customer and present it with the RIGHT method so you can stop stressing out about WHERE to advertise and NOT lose hard earned money
  • Automated email sequences for new prospects, new customers, lost bids and even lost customers!
  • How to get perfect prospects who already know like and trust you to come to you pre sold!
  • How to create more content than you could ever use in less than 5 hours/ week and use that content to blow your competition out of the water
  • The RIGHT way to set appointments, ONLY go on appts with REAL buyers while charging (and getting) enough money for once
  • Have MORE QUALITY applicants than you can handle coming in EVERY week wanting to work for you and only you
  • Implement an AUTOMATED hiring system that takes less than 5 hours/ week
  • Know how to pay, when and how to give raises
  • Take new hires from zero to trainer in 30 days
  • And MUCH More!!
  • Get Stuff DONE: This ISN’T a sit around and learn type event- this is a roll up your sleeves and get a year’s worth of work done in THREE Days!
  • 1 on 1 Help From Mike: Not only will you be locked in a room with Mike for three days straight, he is going to answer questions at breaks and tuck you in at night (ok.. maybe not that), but you will have THREE DAYS of full access to Mike and his cleaning business building genius!
  • LIMITED AVAILABILITY: This event is LIMITED to just SIXTEEN owners of cleaning companies- NO exceptions! Lock down your opportunity to FINALLY have the business you deserve right NOW- before it’s too late and your jerk competition takes YOUR spot!

Only Available to
Clean Profit LIVE




All of the content, frameworks and systems you need to grow a profitable seven figure cleaning company are included in the Clean Profit Method above…

BUT if you would like help getting that process done and actually creating those systems in your business, the Clean Profit Elite is for you.

Jump on LIVE calls with Mike every other week, where you get personal coaching, encouragement, accountability and strategies to get you UNSTUCK and back on track!

Between calls, all of the help you need is waiting for you in the Clean Profit Elite Facebook Group- members only :

  • Mike will personally answer every question you have
  • Get feedback on a hiring ad from Mike and your fellow Elite members (they tend to be the cream of the crop)
  • Ask a question about how to handle a crazy customer
  • Get help with ANY of the steps you are stuck on
  • Share an ad, website or marketing idea you want Mike’s feedback on
  • All Elite calls are recorded and available in the group so you can catch the ones you miss and replay the ones that just had too much good stuff for one listen.

This is for owners who are COMMITTED to GROW and know they need the help and accountability of Mike personally to get stuff done!


Just A Few of the Secrets Revealed In This FREE Book…

  • The Common factor successful people share – p.24
  • The business KILLER you never see coming and how to avoid it – p.47
  • My first day as a business owner where all of my employees quit to selling my last multimillion dollar business for 7 figures – p. 27
  • Why culture is so important to your business and how it can make your life SOOOO much easier! – p. 70
  • A little known story you probably haven’t heard about someone you probably  know that changed the world forever – p. 31
  • Why it can be uncomfortable getting rich, but downright painful being poor – p. 35
  • How the wealthy define “risk” differently than the poor… – p. 37
  • Habits of the rich- habits of the poor and what they mean to you!- p. 43
  • WARNING: NOT for the uptight!!
  • Did I mention way too much fun for a proper business book?
  • Even a bit on exercise, drinking, diet and what total success looks like – p. 47
  • What on God’s green earth is a BHAG? – p. 64
  • The Core Values that built a couple of multi million dollar businesses with and how you can use them too- p. 67
  • What makes a bulletproof USP so dang valuable and how to make yours more effective (HINT: It’s more important than you think) – p. 72
  • The ONLY 3 ways to grow your business (including which one is my favorite) – p. 111
  • What big companies do that small companies don’t – p. 77
  • How to make your business work without you – p. 86
  • How to bury your business in customers – p. 91
  • Way too many laugh’s for a book packed with so much business genius!
1 on 1- mike

1 ON 1- MIKE

Want Mike to personally walk you through implementing the Clean Profit Method into your company? 1 on 1 coaching may be for you.

1 ON 1- NAT

Can’t afford Mike? Want help from someone nearly as experienced, much better looking not to mention kinder and gentler?

1 on 1- mike
day of coaching w/ mike


million dollar client attrac-tion system


Everything you need to stop begging and chasing and get customers lined up at your doorA deep dive into customer attraction.

  • Landing pages vs. Websites when and how to use each
  • A step by step automated funnel building walkthrough
  • Done for you automated email marketing sequences
  • How and when to use paid traffic and/ or organic (SEO) traffic
  • Tracking/ split testing and improving
  • Facebook & Adwords deep dive
  • Winning the local SEO game
  • Done for you lead magnets
  • How to set appointments for success
  • Blow em away bid packages


Start to finish growing a million dollar cleaning company

Millon Dollar cleaner
  • WHY the cleaning industry offers far more opportunity than you might realize
  • HOW to get the BEST customers to come to YOU without begging, cold calling or wasting money on advertising that doesn’t work!
  • WHAT you need to do to have more amazing employees want to work for you than you can actually hire
  • HOW to finally make your cleaning business behave- even when you are sitting at home or traveling the world
  • How to make your website actually bring in customers!
  • Offline secrets to growing your cleaning company
  • How to run your company with Core Values
  • Transform your biggest frustration (employees) into your biggest joy
  • When and how to pay your employees
  • Sales & Bidding made easy
  • Paid and organic traffic
  • How to STOP wasting money on advertising