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Episode 410

Will Your Cleaning Company Leave a Legacy? : 410 : Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 410 – Will Your Cleaning Company Leave a Legacy?

A lot of times there are people who are stuck cleaning and can’t figure out how to grow, but the desire to leave a legacy is still there. For Mike, the moment that really made him change the way that he looked at money was the birth of his first son. It really put money and his life into perspective and made him realize that his business didn’t just support him. Very rarely will someone be working in an environment that doesn’t affect others. There are employees, clients, families, and depending on your situation a lot more people that can rely on your business doing well.

As a coach, Mike has dealt with a lot of different people in his time. One of the most frustrating types people to deal with are the people who don’t view money in the right light, and don’t have a burning passion and desire to grow. A lot of people get caught in a cycle where they are not fully ready to change yet, but they’re also not comfortable where they are. A lot of people want to grow, but either don’t want to change, or don’t know how to, and start trying tons of random things to try and claw their way up. If you’ve got a desire to grow, it’s important that you actually take charge and not just sit and wait for your company to magically grow.

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The key to creating a legacy is creating systems that create value even when you’re not working. If you have a job you can’t have a business, and if you don’t have a business you’re nowhere near a legacy. You only have a set amount of hours in your day, and there is no way to really grow if you are the one running every aspect of your business.

Another important idea to keep in mind, is why you want to have a legacy. A lot of people want to grow their business and then give it to their kids, some people want to expand the business and then sell it and use the money to help family or charity, and some people just want to see their business get larger and create more jobs for their community. It’s crucial to remind yourself of why you’re doing what you’re doing in order to motivate yourself to push your limits and not stay stagnant. You also want to have specific goals, rather than just wanting to grow. It’s a lot easier to create a real plan if you actually know what the end goal is, and this includes your personal goals as well.

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