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Episode 521

Why You Need a PLAN for Your Cleaning Company: Episode 521: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 521
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Episode 521 – Why You Need a PLAN for Your Cleaning Company

You want to grow and you are doing everything you know how to do, but it’s just not working. You feel like you’re like banging your head against a concrete ceiling and getting nowhere. Running your cleaning company without a plan can cause you frustration, self worth, money, and even years of your life.

False Belief - If I keep doing what I have been doing (or the same things with more vigor), I’ll get different results.

Not only do you have to DO different things, you have to BE a different person. That way, moving forward, when we do different things, we get different results.

False Belief - I don’t really need a plan or I “kinda” have a plan or “hope is a good strategy”

A bad plan is better than NO plan! Also a bad plan going in the wrong direction is better than going nowhere at all.

False Belief - You have to have a detailed plan before you do anything.

It’s worth saying again, a bad plan is better than NO plan!

False Belief - It’s too overwhelming.

Today we’re breaking it down how easy it is. Every business has just three parts: 1) sell the product/service, 2) provide/deliver the service, and 3) account for it. You need a system for each piece!

False Belief - I’ll keep all three plates spinning.

You will get one rock pushed up the hill and when you switch to another, the first rolls back down. In other words, you work on getting customers, for example, meanwhile you ignore another aspect of your business, such getting new employees. We see people get burnt out constantly pushing the customer or employee “rocks” up the hill and commonly, the accounting “rock” gets ignored.

False Belief - If I ignore my books, it will all get better.

You can’t run a company without data. You can’t even know if you are growing, shrinking, profitable or on the verge of going out of business. This is all really because of not taking the time to make a plan. If you want to grow, you’ll absolutely need to take the time to make a plan!

False Belief - I’ll do a plan tomorrow.

If you’ve been saying that for more than a month, then you won’t. We often use not having time as an excuse, but in reality it’s that you don’t have a plan to put into place that you trust.

False Belief - I can’t make a plan during Corona.

Corona is the BEST time to make a plan because we’ve got time and ability to focus. We need planning more than ever in uncertain times!

Once you HAVE a plan in place, you can CONFIDENTLY move forward and LOVE your business again instead of it just being a frustration!

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