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Episode 453

Why you NEED a Hiring System for your Cleaning Company: Episode 453: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 453 – Why you NEED a Hiring System for your Cleaning Company

A good hiring system has many benefits. Chances are if you’re reading this right now, you’re looking to grow your cleaning company. If that is the case, then the first change you need to implement is to get a solid hiring system in place. Without this, you are always going to be running into trouble. For instance, without a good hiring system in place when someone quits, you’ll find yourself scrambling to replace them.  You may even end up doing the cleaning yourself, which leaves your company with no one to lead it. Without a good system to prevent this, you will find yourself in a constant balancing act of getting more clients and getting more employees. 

A common misconception is that you don’t need to be hiring if you’ve already got employees. In reality, the truth is you should always have a consistent stream of new employees coming in, and here are the reasons:

The first, and most obvious reason, is because employees quit! They don’t always give two weeks notice, and when they leave you hanging you don’t want to have to be the one cleaning.

The second reason is because of growth. You can’t in full confidence tell someone on a bid that you can give them great service if you know in the back of your mind that you don’t have enough employees to properly service the account. Clients can smell this from a mile away! 

Thirdly, you want to always be top grading any employee that may not be an ‘A’ player. You want to create an environment that reflects your core values and draws the attention of like-minded individuals, and makes sure your team is always full of employees that are passionate about your company. (This next resource alert has some great insight into this idea – make sure to check it out!)

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You should never feel like you’re fully staffed, and you should always be top grading, which leads into another growth-killing false belief – keeping an employee because they “aren’t that bad”. If there is an employee that is causing issues in your business, then you have to let them go. There are a thousand reasons you can come up with to keep them on, but in reality, if left alone too long it will start to affect your other employees as well.

If you’re thinking to yourself that always hiring must be a huge, exhausting process, then you would be right. However, there are systems you can implement to streamline the process. Things like group hiring sessions that funnel into a final interview, and being a core values based company that attracts other like minded people, will help immensely with streamlining the process and can free up the rest of your time to work on your business. 

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As you can see, a good hiring system has many benefits. If you would like to watch the live video with a lot more great content like this, click this link, and If you enjoyed this and would like to watch a complementary master class, head over to this link and find the most suitable time for you!

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