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Episode 477

Why You Are NOT Winning Bids for Your Cleaning Company: Episode 477: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 477 – Why You Are NOT Winning Bids for Your Cleaning Company

Okay, so you aren’t getting the “good bids”.  You get a bid you undercharged for, but you know you aren’t going to make any money with them. When you get a good bid, you lose it charging the right amount for you to actually make a profit.  Remember, you need to win the RIGHT bids, not all bids. It’s always better to lose a winner than win a loser- but you REALLY want to win winners!

When you can’t close bids you can’t invest in marketing because that money is wasted. If you can’t win the opportunities you have, you cheat your company, your family, and even your prospective employees who are praying for a job with you.  Ultimately you not closing bids affects your entire community!! If you’re not able to win the right bids, you can’t grow and you’re stuck with how much marketing you can do. It’s a nasty circle. So let’s get into some common false beliefs:

False Belief: You have to bid whatever comes in and you can’t do anything about it

Even if it’s outside of your niche, you feel like it’s an opportunity and you have to do it. Even when you aren’t scheduled for cleaning!  This all comes from the scarcity mindset. You bid on jobs you shouldn’t be bidding on, and bid prices you couldn’t be offering. You don’t want to be ‘begging’!  The truth is, when you have a fully functioning client attraction system, you can be selective.

False Belief: Where the bids come from has nothing to do with the amount you can charge

Preframing is what a client hears about you before they contact you.  Where the clients come from really DOES matter! Being strategic about what your preframe is can determine what type of client reaches out to you.  Attracting the right client for your business can mean the difference between getting good bids or bad ones.

False Belief: It’s all about money and you can’t influence what people will pay

Yes, there are some customers that are that way, but those are not the customers you want.  Because we feel it’s all about the price, we go as low as we can and cut ourselves off at the knees.  We want to get away from these beliefs, and move to the reality that your automated client attraction system should train them how to buy.  Cheap people get a cheap experience, and people who are willing to invest in themselves really get a higher quality experience. We assume that you are helping them get the best results.  Focus your message on the OUTCOME that the client wants, not the price.

False Belief: You have to “pressure” people to buy

Cleaning Nation, you are not high pressure people, and yet you feel you have to be that way!  The reality is there isn’t, and there shouldn’t be! Maybe internal pressure, because you want to get them clear, and you want to solve the problem.  But external pressure you don’t want. High pressure, short term solutions almost never work. Align your beliefs and systems with solving their pain and having that internal pressure to really solve it, and don’t worry about high pressure sales.

False Belief: Once you give a bid you should expect them to “ghost” you

Set up a system where you give them the bid AFTER you have their budget and a clear vision on their pain.  No Pain, No Sale. If they don’t give you their pain, don’t give them a bid. Commercial – if you don’t know their budget, don’t give them a bid.  Residential – you can give them the bid right then and there. Commercial – get their pain and their budget and then go back and give them a bid that solves as much of their pain as you can within their budget.  Be real and let them know if they want ALL of their pain solved it will be so much over their budget. And then expect to get started!

False Belief: Once you “lose” a bid, it’s time to move on to the next one

Couldn’t be further from the truth!  That’s what your competition does, though!  You can be the one who doesn’t forget about them!  It’s a great time to continue an automated follow up system so in a few months when they realize they went with the wrong opportunity, they are READY for you. So having a system that establishes a relationship and follows up on leads that everyone else forgets about is a HUGE opportunity!

So in order to win the right bids, first start by attracting the right clients.  Once you have the right clients contacting you, get their pain and their budget before submitting their bid.  If they don’t hire you, follow up with them so that when they realize they went with the wrong company, they will be ready for you.  These steps will ensure you have a MASSIVE advantage over your competition and you then you will be able to invest more in client attraction because you get a better pay off!

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