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Episode 448

Why Most Marketing DOESN’T Work: Episode 448: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 448 – Why Most Marketing DOESN’T Work

If you are here to find out why the marketing for your cleaning company hasn’t been working, you are in the right place. The reality is that as a small business you can’t afford to waste money on marketing that doesn’t work, but you really can’t afford to lose out on the potential new customers. As a small business, chances are you’re trying to make every penny count, which is, of course, a great thing, however, this can lead some to just ignore marketing completely and just attempt to grow organically or through word of mouth. Which, again, is a great way to grow, but you never want it to be your one and only way. If you are looking to really grow your company, then marketing has to be on the table. You are practically guaranteed growth if you get your employee and client attraction systems down. 

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One of the biggest misconceptions that small business owners have is that posting on social media accounts is enough marketing. The reality is that is what all of your broke competition is doing, and it’s not scalable, similarly to growth purely through word of mouth. The flip side of this, is getting a bunch of money together and giving it to a marketing firm and just expecting that to work. The reality is: A, they don’t know who your customers are, B, they don’t know what their pain is, what they’re looking for, or how to solve it. They may be able to get you clicks on your site, but if it’s not done right then they’re not much of a prospect. A lot of times these companies only care about the amount of clicks, and if they do care about the quality of the leads, then they’re generally selling them to multiple different companies because those leads are expensive. 

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Another misconception is that if you’ve got good reviews then you’re set. While having good reviews is of course a bonus, it won’t be enough to consistently send clients your way. You need scalable and repeatable client and employee attraction system to ensure steady growth. 

Falling into the mindset that you can’t grow without getting a franchise is another really bad mindset to be in. Generally while those companies can help generate more leads and clients, they take such a large percentage of your profits that it doesn’t make it worth it. There are systems and things that you can set up to generate just as many leads, without having to give up so much of the profits. It’s much more important that your potential clients know how you can enrich their lives more so then having strong brand recognition with your name.

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