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Episode 474

Who YOU Have To Be To Build a $1M Cleaning Company: Episode 474: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 474 – Who YOU Have To Be To Build a $1M Cleaning Company

Everyone is so focused on what they have to DO and the “secrets” of building a cleaning company, they miss the TRUTH that it’s more about who they have to BE!  Today Mike discusses the three most important qualities that YOU need to have in order to build your million dollar cleaning company – being all in, being coachable, and being decisive.

#1 Thing you have to be – ALL OUT Committed to success.

See EVERYTHING in light of your success, ONLY ask questions that get you where you want to go, and NEVER give up! Many people believe it’s easy, or that people who have success were lucky.  The reality is that everyone who is successful RESPONDED differently than you because they BELIEVED differently than you did!

Even if you don’t have money, power, influence, friends, education, experience, etc., the reality is it’s never about resources, it’s ALWAYS about resourcefulness!! You CHOOSE how to respond.  For example, instead of saying “I don’t have much money so I can’t succeed”, say “Since I don’t have enough money, I will have to do this, this and this to succeed.”

The #2 Thing you have to be is – COACHABLE

Many people believe there is just ONE truth, but the reality is that SOME things have ONE truth (like gravity and death), and 99% of things are really your perception of the truth.  For example, thinking he’s probably just lucky, versus asking what he’s doing that you can do, too.

Another false belief is that you already know everything.  The reality is that as soon as you stop learning you stop growing and your business starts dying.

Or this false believe that smart people were born smart!  The truth is that smart people asked MORE dumb questions of smart people, and that’s how they became smart!

What about believing you don’t need coaching? If you are already getting the results you need in an area of your life, you don’t need coaching in THAT area. If you are NOT getting the results you need in a certain area, the FASTEST way to make a change is to model someone who has already SUCCESSFULLY done it. 

#3 Thing you need to be is DECISIVE

Many people believe it’s ok to think things over, ask others for their opinions, etc.  However, after studying over 500 millionaires, Napoleon Hill found the one quality they shared is DECISIVENESS.  Not only did they make decisions quickly and confidently, they change them slowly. The reality is poor people decide slowly and change decisions often.

A common false belief is that people are born decision makers or not, however the truth is this is a skill just like every other skill and you can choose to become DECISIVE!  

Once you develop the skills to become committed, decisive and coachable, not only will you be who you need to be to grow a successful business, you will be who you need to be to build a successful LIFE!!

If you enjoyed this and would like to watch this video and others like it, click here. If you are still hungry to learn more and have DECIDED that you are COMMITTED and need COACHING, head over to this link to watch our free informative webinar during the most suitable time for you! 

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