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Episode 529

What would Mike do if he Had to Start a Cleaning Company From Scratch? Episode 529: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 529
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Episode 529 – What would Mike do if he Had to Start a Cleaning Company From Scratch?

It’s hard to start a cleaning company from scratch. You have the MOST to do and the LEAST help to do it. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and you have NO momentum when getting started. You can waste YEARS of your business growth if you just wander in the desert without a plan.

Today, Cleaning Nation, I’m going to walk you through a step-by-step plan on how I would start a cleaning company if I had to start all over again!

Step 1:

Get crystal clear on my WHY. WHY do I want to build this business? Who will it impact? HOW will it impact them?

Step 2:

Get crystal clear on the WHAT. EXACTLY WHAT do I want out of this thing? Time? Money? Freedom? A Feeling of accomplishment? To serve? Impact? Status?

Step 3:

Reverse engineer the whole thing:

  • First come up with what your Dream Life looks like (including the total hours I’m willing to work per week, weeks off per year) → Net profit needed for dream life (REAL number- NOT just $10K/ mo or $1M in revenue).  
  • Gross sales → Customers needed (HUGE benefit of a cleaning company is having recurring customers) → Bids needed → Leads needed

Step 4:

Get crystal clear on my WHO. WHO will I serve and EXACTLY what pain can I solve for them? (NOT “what service can I provide?”)

Step 5:

Come up with 10-20 leads sources to get the leads needed from Step 3 and start testing 2-3 of them.  (Hint: the easiest way to grow is to have bigger accounts. Oftentimes, it’s easier to find bigger accounts when you have a commercial business.)

Step 6:

Create and begin a hiring process so I am ready for my first customers.  People make the mistake of not lining up a source of  employees while they are getting new customers!

Step 7:

Collect data, revise, and repeat steps 5-7.

What I would NOT do and or focus on: logo, non-funnel based website, office furniture, buying supplies, getting an office, insurance, tag line, incorporating or ANYTHING other than those 7 steps!

When you have a plan like I outlined here, your learning curve is so much flatter and you give yourself a chance! No more wandering through the desert! Learn from other people’s mistakes…like mine!

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