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Episode 323

What to Expect from a Mastermind Group featuring Walter Bergeron and Sam Frentzas: Episode 323: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 323 – What to Expect from a Mastermind Group

oday is part 2 of the special episode with guest experts Walter Bergeron and Sam Frentzas!

This episode is a continuation of the first episode with Walter and Sam, where we talked about how to get involved in a mastermind group. New cleaning business owners, without extra cash, can establish quarterly meetings with friends and family to talk business. Even if friends and family don’t have their own businesses, talking about what strategies their companies are using is just as valuable. Cleaning business owners with a larger budget can graduate to an official mastermind group. These mastermind groups cost a price to get in, but put you in front of profitable business owners with years of advice to give.

Walter and Sam have established their own mastermind group, helping business owners profit accumulatively over one million dollars.

You can find more information about their mastermind group here.

You might be thinking, who am I to give advice to a successful business owner?

Well, you are just the right person.

Third party perspectives on business and automation systems is some of the most valuable information to give to a business owner. When we own a business we tend to see through a filtered perspective. People unrelated to the business see an entirely different view of it. It’s through these third party perspectives that value can be given from a person owning a $500,000 company to another owning a $40 million dollar company.

This third party perspective has made one business owner in Walter and Sam’s mastermind group make more money in three months than he had made in the previous three years. It has also helped Walter and Sam grow their mastermind group by getting third party perspective from an infamous entrepreneur. After getting in touch with Marcus Lemonis, The Profit, Walter and Sam were able to gain impactful value on creating a profitable business model. They were also able to bring Marcus on as a part of their team.

The Clean Profit Method has an upcoming mastermind group for cleaning business owners. The live event is going to connect a dozen cleaning company owners from across the country, providing business strategies, marketing automation advice and plenty of third party perspective.

You can find more information about the Clean Profit Method Live Event here.

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