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Episode 388

Stop Working IN Your Cleaning Business and Start Working ON It : 388 : Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 388 – Stop Working IN Your Cleaning Business and Start Working ON It

A lot of people start their companies with the idea of having more freedom when it comes to their finances and their time, but find themselves getting caught up in the monotonous day-to-day work in the company. Today we are going to explore different ways to free yourself, and stop working IN your business, and start working ON it.

We’re going to run through a three-step system that will help you grow your company without having the stress of working in your company.

Before we get to the steps, it’s important to keep in mind that in order to get your company to a place where it can be profitable without you having to run every aspect of it you have to commit to the decision that it is what you actually want to do. Without full commitment, you may find yourself giving up. As Anthony Robbins put it in his book Awaken the Giant Within all decisions are made in a split second.  You may take time to think about things, but when it comes down to it all decisions are truly made instantly. With that in mind, let’s talk about step one!

Step One: Find a System to Follow:

Everyone is following some sort of system when it comes to how they run things, but the important part is if your systems are improving your company or not.  The truth is, anyone can find busy work to spend all day doing so it feels like there was a lot accomplished, but in reality having systems to take care of all of the “in” (putting out small fires, dealing with customers, etc.) things so that you can focus on the “on” (Customer Acquisition, Employee Interviews, etc) parts of your company.  Having a strong system to rely on is a great way to know what is and isn’t important day-to-day.

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Step Two: Box your Time

Every owner of any company is guilty at one time or another of spending all day getting caught up in small time stuff, but not setting time aside to fully commit to implementing your system would be detrimental. Whenever Mike does his “on” work, he turns his phone on airplane mode. This ensures that you won’t get distracted when doing the important stuff. Even checking one email, or dealing with something small time (employee not showing up, a customer is upset, etc.) can completely take you out of your groove. It takes a couple of minutes to focus on the new task, and then a few more to get focused back on your initial task. These small amounts of time can really start to add up, and can take entire days away from you.

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Step Three: Have a System That Will Celebrate and Mourn with you

Having a healthy support system of people that understand the excitement of getting that new expensive floor cleaner, or people that can relate and help you out in your low times are essential to keeping a healthy mindset. Oftentimes we can just take our frustrations out on the people around us that we love instead of talking it over with someone who can actually help. And sometimes it gets lonely when everyone you know is in a different field and can’t really relate to your good times. You’d never expect how much impact this one simple change can create!

As always, if you would like help with implementing or figuring out systems, you can head over to and chat with Mike one-on-one!

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