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Episode 395

Stop Cleaning & Start OWNING Your Cleaning Business : 395 : Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 395 – Stop Cleaning & Start OWNING Your Cleaning Business

Mike is talking about something that he has been hearing more recently; how to really start owning your business, and working on it as opposed to in it.

Let’s start with squashing any beliefs that may miss direct you.

The work to hire employees outweighs the benefits of hiring them.

  • Many people look at the large amounts of paperwork, and potential headache of having employees as too big of a hurdle, or have an idea in their head that getting employees will set them back by losing wages to their wages, or that there is no one that can do as good of a job as you, so why bother. But the reality is that every company needs employees to grow. The amount of work that the best cleaner in the world can do is nothing compared to the work that 10 different cleaners can do. While the paperwork and looming thoughts of messing up taxes can be scary, with the help of some software or an accountant you can ensure that you can grow steadily and securely.

The only way to get good employees is to offer higher wages.

  • People get their heads wrapped around the idea that the only way to get good employees is by offering the top dollar, however that is not always the case. First of all you should make sure that you have a markup in place so that the customer is paying for the wages, not you. If you are paying your employees really well, then you can use that as a selling point. There is a market for people who want their cleaners to be top notch, and are willing to pay for it. But the reality is that your employees should want to be a part of your team because they like the environment that you’ve set up, and feel like they’re a part of something bigger, not just for the paychecks.

Resource Alert:

If I stop cleaning for my clients, then they will fire me.

  • Another belief that people have is that if they personally stop cleaning for certain customers than they will find another service. A lot of people have been personally cleaning for certain customers for many years, and think that their customers would be upset enough to switch suppliers if they started sending employees. The truth is that most customers don’t actually think this way, and if you have a chat with them and explain your core values, and that you can vouch for the people that you hire they will be fairly likely to understand. And if you do run into the rare customer that is really upset, they’ll still need a cleaner. It would either be another stranger that you haven’t vetted, or someone that you can vouch for. Usually, if you can explain the situation to the customer with a clear head, almost every time things will work out fine.

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