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Episode 545

STOP Cleaning For GOOD: Episode 545: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 545 – STOP Cleaning For GOOD

Initiation by Fire:

My initiation into entrepreneurship started when I bought a Service Master Franchise when I was only 22 years old. Part of the franchise requires going to training at the Service Master School in Memphis. The deal that I had with the owner was that he would continue to run the company while I was still in the school. I came in that first Monday so excited to start, but was shocked to see that there was a yellow Post-It note on the door that said “We quit – the Employees”. I had no idea why that happened. That was 9am in the morning and I had cleaning to do that night. My wife and I at that time ended up going out and cleaning for 12 hours straight. Eventually I was able to hire employees, but I was still burnt out putting out fires and always having to do the backup cleanings when an employee couldn’t make it. I didn’t have the “AHA moment” at that time and I got so frustrated I sold the business. I desperately wanted to grow a million dollar business but I didn’t want to work nights. I thought selling the business was my only way out, but systems to attract and keep the BEST employees were what I really needed. Had I discovered then what you are going to get from reading this, it would have saved me years and hundreds of thousands of dollars! I tried hiring more, begging, hiring the wrong people, paying more, taking them out to eat, offering benefits. Nothing worked and I was so frustrated I sold the whole opportunity!

Slay Those Dragons:

Just about everyone we coach started their company to be a business owner- NOT a cleaner. Often by the time they find us at Grow My Cleaning Company, they have tried hiring and it was too frustrating for them. They have nearly given up and feel like they have to quit their dream or ACTUALLY get this sorted out.

Before we give our clients the framework to get them out of cleaning forever, they need to slay some dragons. As usual, these “dragons” are false beliefs that we’ll address here:

    1. Your customers will not “all quit”.
    2. You don’t have to wade through (or even look at) hundreds of applications.
    3. Even though your employees won’t “be you”- they ARE the key to your freedom.
    4. You don’t really “love cleaning”.
    5. Even though employees will do weird things- those weird things are FAR LESS expensive than giving up your dream of business ownership for a cleaning job or working for someone else!

A Rough Lesson Brought New Opportunity:

Unfortunately, it took a divorce for me to figure all the above out. I won’t tell the whole story here, but it was a rough lesson to say the least. When I was in so much pain I couldn’t “do” everything, I was FORCED to build a team. Since I didn’t have any money, I was forced to build a team without paying too much. This made me realize that the opportunity wasn’t in more money, it was in more community which is built on shared values!

Core Values are Key:

Start by discovering (not deciding on) your Core Values. I discovered:

  • Create an AUTOMATED funnel based on those values that ATTRACTS people who share them AND REPELS people who don’t (You can teach anyone to clean, you can’t teach people to have fun or be real!)
  • Run your company and make decisions based on your CORE VALUES.
  • Your employees can do ANYTHING as long as they can justify it living the Core Values for everyone involved.
  • This is what FREES you not only from cleaning but from EVERYTHING. 
  • You don’t need a “300 page operations manual”.
  • You don’t need to micromanage.
  • Not only did I get to take months off from my company and still sell if for 7 figures, I am able to run this company from home with an AMAZING team of people making many if not most of the decisions!
  • Our Millionaire Mastermind members travel to events and are away from their businesses for weeks, sometimes months by following this framework!

At the time I was just looking to make money, which I did. The real transformation though, was the ability to start from nothing and build a TOP TALENT team from ANYWHERE in the world! I went from cleaner to manager to creator/ leader and you can too!

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