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Episode 407

Special Case Study with Andrew Eunpu : 407 : Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 407 – Special Case Study with Andrew Eunpu

Today Mike is doing a special case study with his guest, Andrew Eunpu!

What was going on in your business before finding Mike?

Andrew: “I purchased my business Ms Pretty Piggy in March of 2018, and my friend advised me not to make any changes for a year, and I didn’t know what to change anyways, and I made it about nine months before realizing that something needed to change. I realized that it wasn’t sustainable, and I started looking for ways to systemize things, and I started looking around youtube, and I found your stuff and I started listening and one thing lead to another and I hooked up with Mike the next day.”

Mike: “I’ve watched someone buy one of my previous businesses and run it into the ground, so I like the idea of not changing anything for some amount of time if you don’t have solid ideas and systems to rely on, however I think that a year is too long, six to nine months gives a good amount of time to see how things run before you should start changing things.

What was scary about joining up with Mike?

Well to be honest I had to listen to your stuff up front quite a bit to verify that you aren’t an idiot. It all made sense to me, I have been coached before, and it wasn’t really that scary for me because I knew that you knew stuff that I didn’t know, and that if I relied on you that I could make it.

Mike: That is huge, having the opportunity to talk to a lot of owners of cleaning companies, There are a few things that I really picked up on. It’s important that you’re a core value match, but once you’ve decided, that mindset of once I’m in I’m committed will serve you. I was talking to a couple the other day and she had watched dozens of hours of my content and we had talked for about 2 hours and we had a really great breakthrough session and after everything she decided that she wanted to talk to some other people before she decided and I was heartbroken, I know I could’ve really helped her company if she was fully committed.”

What was the first thing that I asked you to do that worked or didn’t?

I think the first thing we worked on was the foundation, and the core values. I knew them deep down, but putting them in writing, and using them in my hiring process and even how I relate to customers has made a huge difference. That and the employee and client attraction funnels. One thing that I struggle with is things in me that hold me back from moving forward, things like fear or lack of confidence can hold you back, but that’s what I enjoy about the program is I knew it was like a train and no matter how I felt I knew that if I just stayed on the rails then I could keep moving forward.

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