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Episode 408

Special Case Study with Alysia Quesenberry : 408 : Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 408 – Special Case Study with Alysia Quesenberry

Today Mike is back with a special case study with Alysia Quesenberry! Let’s jump right in!

Before you found this community what kinds of things were you doing and what made you start searching for help?

“Before I met you I was dealing with a lot of people that didn’t respect me, and didn’t always show up, and it started to get really overwhelming, and after awhile I couldn’t take it and I started looking online until I found grow my cleaning company. I wasn’t sure if you were a scam or not, and I started google stalking you and once I realized that you were the real deal I decided to take the step and reach out to you for a consultation.”

What was the last straw before deciding that you needed help?

“Probably when my last employee quit. I was done that was the last straw. I was stuck trying to keep up with the work by myself, and I was so exhausted and I couldn’t keep up with the business side of my company, and I just couldn’t do it.”

Resource Alert:

What was the first thing that I asked you to do that really made a difference?

“I hated when you asked me to cold call people just to find out who my perfect prospect would be, and I remember thinking that when you asked me to go in and talk to people that I would have to be this corporate drone, but you actually told me to dress and act like myself and I noticed a lot of positive feedback from that. Being real and just asking for a few minutes of their time, and finding out how I could help was huge.”

What are some of the other highlights of things that we asked you to do that made a real difference?

When you taught me how to systematize my hiring process it was a game changer, I used to have to hassle people to come in to interviews and It was getting ridiculous, but once I started implementing real systems it was a huge change. It was sort of overwhelming but it is crazy how much of a huge difference it has made.”

What’s the energy like at your company today?

“I like to have fun, we’re never too serious, I like us to be able to communicate openly, I’m always open to new ideas and I want to help people get the best out of their lives, and as we grow I look for people to grow with me. I just really care about my employees. And of course we can’t just mess around we still need to get work done, but it really is a fun environment.

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