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Episode 462

SEO for Cleaning Companies: Episode 462: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 462 – SEO for Cleaning Companies

Today we’re going to talk about SEO – Search Engine Optimization – for Your Cleaning Company, and also get a little bit into Paid and Unpaid (Organic/Warm) Traffic. 

What do you do when your website isn’t getting any traffic

…and every time you try an advertisement service like Facebook you get killed?  The problem is that a lot of these advertising sites like Facebook aren’t really set up to help the little guy.  So it’s easy to blow a lot of money and not get the results. However, it’s important not to give up on this because you’d be missing out on a huge opportunity if you do.  What we need to do is shed light on why so many beliefs about SEO and traffic are wrong. Understanding the facts can be the difference between a huge opportunity to build your business versus a huge waste of money.

False Belief: If I just make nice with Google I’ll be rich

The reality is there is no such thing as number one on Google. There is only ranking for specific keywords.  The key is ranking for the right terms. There might be a hundred terms you want to rank for, like ‘residential cleaning service’ or ‘commercial cleaning service’.  So you need to understand what terms YOU want to rank for.  

False Belief: SEO is magic voodoo which forces Google to give me all of the traffic

The truth is Google does what is best for Google!  SEO guys have all of these tricks and tips to try and get Google to think you’re important.  But you don’t want the financial security of your business to depend on the whims of Google! It’s much more fun and profitable to actually be an authority than to try and trick Google into thinking you are an authority.  So the trick is – don’t have a trick!  Actually provide content that your customers want.  

False Belief: If I pay a guy $500/mo to “SEO my website” I’ll be rich

Again, there really is no magic – you can’t pay anyone that makes you ‘top’ immediately. People are online looking for information and solutions to their problems.  If you are providing content and offering solutions for those problems, then Google will naturally fall in love with you because you ARE authoritative and people ARE getting value from your website.  

Understand your IDEAL prospects and their REAL pain

Using your website to communicate that pain to them in a compelling way will make them see you as the authority, come to you AND make Google like you for REAL. A website with content that is helpful is better than a website that just talks about you. 

False Belief: It doesn’t matter what’s on my website as long as I have traffic

The reality is worrying about traffic but not the content on your website is a huge mistake. It is very important to set up your conversion before worrying about traffic. What are you offering to the people that you drive to your website? If you pay someone for traffic and you get 1000 clicks in a week, and you don’t have any content on your site, no funnel, then you aren’t going to get conversion.  It’s like having a pond filled with fish but the wrong bait on your pole so you can’t catch any. Make sure your site conversion is set up before you worry about traffic.

Who converts better?

So who converts better, warm (organic) traffic or cold traffic?  Warm traffic is essentially ‘warmed up’ to the service you offer by something like a podcast or video.  From there they go to your website ready for what you are offering. Cold Traffic, or Paid Traffic is harder to convert.  Warm traffic is definitely the best, but you also need that cold traffic. So start with the conversion. For example, on the Grow My Cleaning Company website everyone who visits has access to a FREE webinar.  After the webinar, they can schedule a FREE call with someone who will help them come up with a plan to grow their Cleaning Company the way they want to grow it.  Our website provides content and value to everyone who visits.

Making sure you are using the right SEO terms so that you can increase traffic to your site is important.  However, make sure you put a lot of consideration into the content and value you give people when they get there.  Once you get traffic AND conversion you can really scale the client acquisition portion of your business!

If you want to see how we used this to generate 186 leads last month, go to and check out the free on demand training. Nothing for sale, but you can book a time to talk with one of our coaches at the end!  If you enjoyed this and would like to watch the video, click here. If you are still hungry to learn more and would like to watch our free informative webinar, head over to this link and find the most suitable time for you!

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