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Episode 528

Million Dollar Cleaning Company Systems: Episode 528: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 528
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Episode 528 – Million Dollar Cleaning Company Systems

You got into this business for freedom and to build something BIG and special, but you are stuck at the same income level. You feel like you are putting out the same fires every day, all day… forever. Here’s the thing Cleaning Nation, if you don’t have systems in your cleaning company, you really have a JOB and you will never have freedom!

False Belief: Systems are ALL I need.

The truth is:

  • Core Values come first, then systems.
  • You can train the right people to do the right things, but the wrong people can only do the right things in their mind (which will be wrong). This goes for employees AND clients. You need to find the right kind of clients for YOU.

False Belief: Million dollar companies have unfair advantages I don’t have access to.

In reality, they have better systems than you do and they got them by extreme ownership. This means they have been trying and failing and following some version of what we are going to talk about!

False Belief: I don’t have time to make systems.

Here’s some truth bombs for you: 

  • Little companies don’t have time for systems but million dollar companies have million dollar systems.
  • The reason you don’t have time is because your current systems cause you to do everything and rob you of time to make your systems! 
  • If you want a different result, you have to take different actions!

False Belief: Million Dollar companies have magical systems in a big binder.

Actually, the “magic” isn’t in some binder but instead:

  • Your Core Values are the foundation for your systems.
  • If you have strong Core Values, they can flow naturally.
  • You already have systems that were communicated just fine without a “big binder”
  • Simpler is better!
  • Just record what you are already doing anytime you train someone.

False Belief: Million dollar companies delegate their systems.

Here’s the truth:

  • Franchises do delegate their systems BUT they take all of the profit.
  • You shouldn’t delegate your systems to an outsider vendor who doesn’t care!
  • You SHOULD involve your team in making systems.

False Belief: Million dollar companies have everything perfect.

In actuality:

  • Million dollar companies have just tried and failed more often than you have!
  • You have to get comfortable implementing imperfect systems. 
  • It’s so much faster to upgrade a bad system then trying to sit in a corner and “make it perfect”

Once you have a simple set of systems and a Core Values-based team you are equipped to build your million dollar business so you can be  free to travel, build your business or other businesses, not to mention the VALUE of your business goes WAY up to a buyer!

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