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Episode 463

Running a Group Interview for Your Cleaning Company: Episode 463: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 463 – Running a Group Interview for Your Cleaning Company

Do you HATE hiring, but desperately NEED people?   Do you find hiring so brutal and so frustrating that you do the bare minimum to get employees? Then this article is for you!  Today we are going to talk about how to run a Group Interview and why you should be running them!

Typically you get hundreds of applications, and there may only be four good people in there. It’s BRUTAL to go through all of them, so you give up.  It’s even worse trying to get people to show up for an interview, but you need someone! Then you try them out and they aren’t good. The whole process is a time suck!  You end being a slave to hiring. If you can’t attract the right employees, you can’t grow your business and your life will be MISERABLE. You will be a slave to your business and it will cost you your time and money freedom!

False Belief: I should hire when I need someone

The reality is that if you are growing, or you want to grow, or don’t have ALL ‘A-Player’ employees, you need someone right now!  You should always be hiring.

False Belief: I can’t hire if I don’t need anyone now

Again, you DO need someone now.. Always hire a potential ‘A-Player’ to replace a known ‘C-Player’!  Even if you don’t know if the new hire will be an A player, you DO know the C player! You’ve been dealing with them for a while so you KNOW.  Replace them with the person you think may BE the A player. 

False Belief: It just has to be super hard and frustrating to hire

If you believe this, it just means you don’t have the right system. Once you have the right systems in place, you can have all of the quality employees in place by just spending 3 to 6 hours a week.  And that doesn’t mean you do all of those hours – someone could do a few of them for you. Doing 3 – 6 hours a week is far more efficient than doing none most weeks and then doing an emergency 20 hours in a week in a panic when you are short an employee.  

False Belief: I have to have an office to interview people

No!  Any coffee shop is fine! It can give you great exposure hosting an interview in a public location.  Also, many companies do interviews virtually! You definitely don’t need an office to conduct interviews.

False Belief: You will look stupid if no one shows up, or just one person shows up

So for a good group interview you’d like 3-4 people, with a maximum of 8 to 10.  If no one shows up you’ve got some magic free time! If one person shows up, it just feels like any other interview!  

False Belief: I have to run the interviews personally

You SHOULD run either the one-on-one or the group interview.  However, any excellent Core Values matched employee can help you with screening applicants and running interviews so that you don’t have to do all of it yourself. 

False Belief: I have to pay my employee extra or beg them to help with interviews

The right person will see it as an honor that you are asking them!  Hire on Core Values! You’ll be shocked to see how the right person rises to the challenge and wants this added responsibility.  Pay them their regular wage, and they should still be excited to help!

False Belief: I am looking for good experienced cleaners

Nope.  It’s almost better if you find someone with NO experience.  All you should care about is if they are a core values match. ANYONE can clean.  It’s okay if they’ve cleaned before, but you’re going to have to retrain them anyway, so don’t look for experience over a Core Values match.

Once you have your hiring system down, and you are running your weekly group interviews, hiring will no longer be an issue.  You will have better employees and more of them. You won’t be a slave to hiring, and a huge, stressful part of running your cleaning company will be taken care of. You will be able to travel the world like many of our Millionaire Mastermind members! You’ll be able to stay home NOT worrying about your cleaning company. A solid hiring system and client attraction are THE KEYS to your time and money freedom!

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