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Episode 454

How to Hire the RIGHT People for YOUR Cleaning Company: Episode 454: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 454 – How to Hire the RIGHT People for YOUR Cleaning Company

How do you hire the right people for your cleaning company? Many times if you don’t have the right systems in place you may wind up with employees that turn out to be more trouble than they’re worth. Luckily, Mike is here to cover not only how to hire employees for your company, but more importantly, how to hire the right employees.

The problem is, when you don’t hire the right people, this can start a chain of events that oftentimes leads to companies deciding against hiring anyone at all. Many cleaning company owners have been the ones doing the cleaning in their company, and once they finally decide to hire some extra help, they hire the first person that shows up. The issue with this is, if you don’t have the right systems in place a majority of the time you may end up with employees that aren’t a good fit. This can turn some people off of the idea of having employees at all. If this is the case, then you own a cleaning job, not a cleaning company. Every company needs a leader, and without employees to work in your business, that will leave you with the cleaning, but nobody to work on your business. This can be detrimental to growth.

The biggest misbelief that can eliminate your ability to grow is the idea that you don’t need an onboarding process. Without the onboarding process, it is not only a large mental toll, but it also leaves you to do all the hiring in the last minute, which is never fun. A great way to avoid this is by setting up a system so that you always have a surplus of potential employees that are a good fit for your company. Having a system like this in place not only helps alleviate the stress when an employee, or group of employees, quits, but also allows you to get much higher quality employees, and frees a lot of time for you to focus on bigger picture ideas. 

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The most important part of hiring the right employees is making sure that they are a good fit with your company. A lot of people think that you either have to hire super experienced cleaners, or spend lots of time teaching new hires how to clean, but in reality teaching people to clean is very easy, and WHY they clean is much more important than how they clean. It is much easier to teach people how to clean than it is to change their attitudes. Doing things such as core value based hiring, using group interviews, and always hiring so that you have a list of potential back up employees are all a great start to your employee hiring system. Many people blame their lack of attracting quality employees on their circumstances, but the reality is that if you’re attracting bad employees, it’s on you. The brighter flip side to that, is that if you have been attracting bad employees – you can change it!

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