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Episode 478

How to Hire GOOD Cleaners for Your Cleaning Company: Episode 478: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 478 – How to Hire GOOD Cleaners for Your Cleaning Company

If you can’t hire good cleaners you risk your reputation, everything you have built and your ability to have FREEDOM! If you can’t get this right, you are putting your opportunity to scale and grow at risk. So today let’s bust some myths:

False Belief: Your customers need YOU to clean

The reality is your cleaners need a RESULT.  They need comfort, security, quality. That’s what they are looking for.  The reality is a system is better than a person. If it’s just you, then if you’re sick and you can’t clean, they don’t get what they want.  It’s almost always NOT true that the customer only will be happy if you clean for them. They like you, and they prefer you, but they want a result first and foremost. 

False Belief: My employees won’t do it as well as you so you can’t hire

Hey, this one is probably true.  Any employee may not clean as well as you do, with the love that you put into.  But you probably can find ten cleaners that really will kick butt! Just you cleaning gives you a maximum you can make each month, and if you have a partner or a spouse cleaning with you, maybe you can double that cap.  But that’s it! You need cleaners if you’re going to grow. You are going to make mistakes! We tell that to all of our clients, we don’t promise to be perfect, but we do promise we will always make it right. IF you get a good system going, then maybe your cleaners can start doing it even better than you!

False Belief: Hiring good cleaners is about cleaning skill and experience

This couldn’t be further from the truth.  Anyone can clean, and you can train anyone to clean.  It’s about core values – you can’t train that. Many times you have to un-train the experienced cleaners! You can have better luck hiring people who have no experience.  The only real benefit is that people with experience come into the job understanding the physical demand of it. The reality is hiring good cleaners is about the core Values & beliefs match.

False Belief: You have to go through dozens or hundreds of applications

You just can’t do that, you can’t sift through that many!  You need a system. It may take 80 or 100 applications to sort through to find a few good ones, but if you have a system to deal with it then you won’t feel overwhelmed.  If you have a steady stream of applications and you are ALWAYS hiring, you won’t find the hiring system so stressful and overwhelming. Create the system, manage the system, and remember you don’t have to be in every step of the process.

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False Belief: You can just hire a great cleaner the day one quits

Again, it takes a system that brings talent to you, so that you aren’t chasing down help in desperation.  Put in place a system that only takes 4-5 hours a week, so that you end up only doing 3-5 hours per week hiring, plus training, and you only have to spend this much time each week. Use someone you hired as a core values match to help you put in some extra hours each week – they will be happy and excited to take this on for you!

Once you get a system in place, you will have the ability to attract all of the good talent you want.  You will always have employees ready to cover for someone when they are sick, or replace someone who quits, or take on more as you grow!  Have someone you hired help you with the hiring process so you only have to put in 4-5 hours a week with the hiring aspect of your business. You will be able to go on vacation and have your business run smoothly without you.  You will feel less overwhelmed, be less frustrated, and you will be able to uncap your potential! 

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