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Episode 668

How to Have a Mindset to Overcome Rejection in Business: Episode 668


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Episode 668 – How to Have a Mindset to Overcome Rejection in Business

Hey Cleaning Nation! Mike Campion here with Grow My Cleaning Company. Today I have the lovely and amazing Juliana Parise as a guest. She’s one of our clients and she has a lot of experience and accomplishments to share. She started Magic Broom Commercial Cleaning in February of 2005. It has been in operation for more than 16 years in Los Angeles, California.

How Juliana Started and is Growing Her Business

Juliana always likes to clean, she loves to bring wellness to people, she believes that cleaning is connected to wellness. At first, she was not ready to grow her cleaning business, because she had a lot on her mind. Then Juliana decided to make the big breakthrough that she needed for so long. She did a lot of self-help work, and even went to Bali. There, she removed a lot of layers herself and did some self reflection.

How Juliana Achieved her Big Breakthrough

Three months ago, she met Mike on Facebook. She started watching, receiving emails, and then she joined the Five-day Facebook Challenge.

Juliana decided to join the program and follow the system that she learned from Mike. She looked for employees with a perfect core values match, people that are probably able to help, listen, and that she could enjoy working with. She was also able to increase her price without hesitation and get more clients.

She also worked on her mindset with the help of Suzanne and Tracey, our GMCC Mindset Coaches. One of the greatest achievements for her was conquering her fears. She listened to the coaching and actually acted on the coaching.

The Hardest Part and the Outcome

Juliana had a fear of pain conversations and rejections in the past, but now she has improved her mindset with the help of Mike as a coach, and his team. Those rejections made her even better and stronger and that was the best thing that happened to her.

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