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Episode 449

How to Get Your Cleaning Company to Run Without You: Episode 449: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 449 – How to Get Your Cleaning Company to Run Without You

A vast majority of the people Mike talks to want growth, but are too afraid to take any actual actionable steps to achieve that growth. Things like getting out of cleaning, or showing up at the office every day, having to spend your days putting out small fires, etc are all things that can put a halt to your growth, but they are things that are also comfortable. While you may want the things that come with growth, it can be difficult to get into the mindset to actually force yourself to do difficult things and make real changes to your lifestyle as well as your business, but moving past these barriers is an essential part of growth. That’s why today Mike is here to extensively cover how to get your cleaning company to run without you!

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Chances are you started your company with the intention of it giving you more time and financial freedom, but end up slaving away for their company that isn’t even growing! It is easy to fall into the routine of handling all aspects of your business, and all of a sudden you have a cleaning job, rather than a cleaning company- Which for some people is fine, but if you really want to grow your company, you will have to change some of the ways you think about things. 

The first piece of misinformation that can misguide you, is the idea that more work automatically equals more growth. Mike has spoken to many members of cleaning nation who are under that fallacy, and the truth is that how you spend your time is equally, if not more, important than the amount of work you put in. If you are one of those people who are working all the time  and is losing on sleep and missing meals just to keep up with their companies demands then you won’t be able to be as effective as a leader for your employees and community. On top of this, the value of your company will suffer as well, as if you decide to sell your company, but within that company you are working overtime, that can navigate potential buyers away as they could just get a job at that point. Your company’s worth comes from the systems you have in place, as well as the clients, employees, etc. and your business will look a lot more attractive to potential buyers if runs like a well-oiled machine. 

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If you are looking to grow your company, and move away from the low tier work, then you’re going to need employees that can delegate the small stuff. The best way to do this is through core values. You as a person, and as the owner should have a set of 3-5 values that show people what your company is about. This not only helps attract better employees that will fit in more with your company, but it can also help guide them so they can make their own decisions before having to go to you. One great trick is to teach your employees that if there is something they don’t know how to handle, to look at the core values and make a decision within those values. This is a great way to help your employees grow and handle more things on their own.

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