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Episode 524

How to Get More Profitable During Covid: Episode 524: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 524
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Episode 524 – How to Get More Profitable During COVID

The world is “on hold” right now and our ability to make money feels like it is in the hands of the world and not us. The problem is, as soon as we give ANYONE or anything the power over our business, we are done as entrepreneurs – we’re just a person with hopes and dreams. This concept applies not just to COVID but really applies no matter what’s going on in the world! Let’s jump into some false beliefs surrounding things that seem out of your control.

False Belief - COVID means you must make NO profit.

COVID means you have to stay in tune with your clients pain and solve what they need NOW. It also means that your communication and marketing game must be even MORE on point! In this current crisis with residential companies, for example, you need to help them understand that you being in their home will bring health, cleanliness and disinfecting!

False Belief - It’s wrong to make profit while others suffer.

Actually, it’s wrong to take advantage of other people’s suffering. We don’t fear monger, charge extra, price gauge and screw our clients. What people need now more than ever is disinfecting. So it’s also wrong to have the solution to keep people safe (by disinfecting) and not share it with them. You are helping them out of their suffering.

False Belief - The government shut me down.

While it’s true that the government has made rules that affect how you can and will serve your business, it’s up to YOU as the owner to figure out how to serve your people during this time. We need to make sure we’re clear between the truth and what’s up to us as business owners regarding how we’re going to serve our clients.

False Belief - No one wants my service right now and/or I can only charge what the market will bear.

Your job is to understand your client’s pain and find a way to serve them! Examples: Residential: Exterior house cleaning, cleaning while they are gone and disinfecting EVERYTHING before you go. Commercial: Back to work safe plans, disinfecting & sanitizing, teaching employee safety. The market will bear the value you bring! Don’t lower your prices – up your value!! If you can’t be the cheapest, you might as well be the most expensive while bringing the most VALUE!

False Belief - No one has any money right now.

That couldn’t be farther from the truth. People are only spending money on what is important to them during this time. MANY industries are UP. For example, we have to wait 90 minutes for food from our favorite restaurants!

False Belief - You can’t raise prices right now.

In reality, you can’t invest time and money on unprofitable accounts because it doesn’t leave any room to serve the people who really need you!

False Belief - Everyone else is struggling.

We have been coaching Cleaning Nation through this and it has NOTHING to do with what city you’re in and instead has EVERYTHING to do with the owner’s mindset and commitment to serve & succeed! Those who win now will win BIG! Survive this and you are ready for anything. If you enjoyed this and would like to watch this video and others like it, click here. If you are still hungry to learn more and would like to watch our free informative webinar, head over to this link and find the most suitable time for you!
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