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Episode 295

How to Build a Successful Cleaning Business : Episode 295: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 295 – How to Build a Successful Cleaning Company

Hey Cleaning Nation!

Today we have part 2 of my interview with Michael Brown from Swept! He started off running a residential and commercial cleaning business using his unique custom built software, and has since pivoted into being a full fledged software as a service business specifically for the janitorial niche.

Him and his partner were able to use their software to DOMINATE every local market they went into. In fact, they were so successful that their competitors kept calling them up wondering what the deal was. Just how were they beating out every bid and performing their service in such a way that their clients absolutely fell in love with them? It got to a point where their competitors were proactively asking if they could license the software they were using.

Hence, the pivot into starting SweptWorks.

SweptWorks is a multi-functional suite that improves the communications between you and your cleaners exponentially. It allows you to see if there is a problem before your client realizes there is a problem. This alone makes SweptWorks a vital software for your cleaning company, and gives you a massive edge over your competition.

In our interview we talked a lot about what are the “red flags’ for cleaning company owners when looking to use this software.

The biggest is a manager or an owner would see a demonstration of SweptWorks, fall in love with the concepts and see the huge potential of it, only to buy in and hand that software off to someone else on their team to implement.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with delegation. I’m all for it.

But if you delegate a task that you haven’t explained the usefulness of it yet, then it can be pretty hard for your team to “buy in” to the software and do anything with it. SweptWorks is just like any other tool in your arsenal. You might have the most elegant mop around, but if you don’t teach people how to mop then it is completely useless.

This advice doesn’t go just for SweptWorks, but really for anything you decide to do to level up your cleaning business. If you don’t block off time to effectively learn how the tool works, you’ll ever succeed with that tool

Luckily, SweptWorks is pretty easy to grasp. On the outset it looks complicated only because it does so many things at once for you. In practice, it is actually quite simple and super intuitive.

The best part?

This thing isn’t going break the bank for you. They offer a free fourteen day trial and they have support to help you implement it into your cleaning company. Afterwards, you’re looking at a $50-70 per month basis for up to 10 cleaning locations.

I’m a BIG believer in creating systems that work for your cleaning company, rather than systems you work for, and this software has an amazing amount of leverage.

You can check out the special offer SweptWorks is giving to Cleaning Nation here

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