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Episode 460

Successful Growth Mindset for Your Cleaning Company: Episode 460: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 459 – Successful Growth Mindset for Your Cleaning Company

In order to have a successful company it is important to have a Successful Growth Mindset.  Today, Mike discusses some common ways of thinking that could be preventing your company from being as successful as you want it to be. It’s time to take a hard look at our beliefs and see how they are affecting your business.

Common mindset: I don’t care about mindset.

What you may not realize is that not caring about mindset IS a mindset. You’re doing everything you can do, listening to podcasts, you’re all over Google but still not getting results.  The problem is, that one thing – your mindset – is what sets you apart from the guy or girl that always figures it out.  If you don’t have the right growth mindset you could be in that camp where nothing ever works out.

Common mindset: Oh, if I just learned the SECRET.

A lot of these internet gurus say. “Give me a bunch of money and I’ll give you the secrets.” Makes you feel like if you just learned the SECRET that’s how you could become successful. We want to believe if there was a magic word or conversation or certain way to do things everything would be great.  You need to get away from this ‘if I just find the secret’ mindset.

Granted, there ARE some tricks.  Mike explains that he has made many mistakes and learned the right ways to do things because of these mistakes.  However, these aren’t any good unless you change YOU first.  If you change yourself first, then you can change your business.  It’s the exact opposite of what we think – it’s the ‘from the outside in’ belief – that if the business is successful then you’ll become positive and happy and believe in your success. But that is the wrong way to think.

Common mindset: I’m so committed this HAS to work.

There are guys and gals that have this mindset of ‘I’m so committed this HAS to work’. You won’t let this fail, and that kind of commitment is definitely a good start.  The problem is that the beliefs that got you where you are are NOT the beliefs and mindset that need to get you where you want to be.  A mindset of commitment is different from a mindset of ‘this has to work’. Just because we NEED it to work or it HAS to work – those all may be true, but it’s not going to get you where you want to be. 

Common mindset: I want help but I don’t want to pay for it.

The hardest thing for Mike was missing opportunities.  He says, “I found the biggest cost is NOT the money I spent, but the money I DIDN’T spend.”   Fears of not spending the money, not having the commitment to change, lose you time and opportunities.  And lost opportunities are business killers.  For example, consider advertising: if you spend $500 and got nothing, that was expensive. If  you spend $50,000 and get half million dollars in business, that was cheap.

Common mindset: It’s outside of my control.

So many people want to externalize and believe that their situation is outside of their control: if I lived in a better city, if my employees wanted to work, etc..  If it starts with ‘if’ and it’s outside your control, it’s impossible to overcome. If your mindset is it’s all everyone else’s fault, it’s not going to get better.  However,  If you internalize you can get a much healthier result.  Take credit for what you did well, but also take responsibility for the bad employees or the bad clients.  At first it’s a little scary, accepting that it’s all 100% your fault.  It sucks making bad mistakes and having to take responsibility for them. However, once we have that magic key of ‘I control everything, and everything I’ve brought into existence.”, it will set you free!  There is a lot of freedom when the success and failure comes down to you! It’s exciting being the master of your own domain!

Choose how you respond

Whatever happens to you, how you respond dictates where things go.  Luck does play a role in the short term. Long term, however, is about YOUR response to what happens.  So when an employee quits or doesn’t show up, you can allow those moments to change and affect you, or not.  You choose how you deal with it.  You’ve got to be able to CHOOSE.  HAVE that ability  to change your state. If you have the ability, then you CAN change it and not allow bad moments to affect you.  A real leader chooses the state that they are going to have and understands that it impacts everyone around them – their employees, and their clients.

Common mindset: I will do it later.

And finally, another insidious mindset.  The mindset where you say I will do something ‘later’ or ‘tomorrow’.  You make excuses like, when you are ready, when you can afford it, etc.  That mindset will eat your lunch!  As leaders we have to take the chaos around us and mold it into something positive and productive.  Take a decision. Take action!  The people who say ‘Eh, I’ll deal with it later..” are the people who stay stuck and never accomplish their goals.  If today is the day that you are tired of being stuck and want to make a change for the better, do something! TAKE Action!  If you want help having a Growth Mindset for Success, visit our website to schedule a call with one of our amazing Enrollment Coaches and they can help you make a plan for getting from where you are to where you want to be!

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