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Episode 476

Get Time & Money FREEDOM from YOUR Cleaning Company: Episode 476: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 476 – Get Time & Money FREEDOM from YOUR Cleaning Company

Do you have this problem? You are working harder than you’ve ever worked, hopefully having more fun than you have ever had, but you have LESS time and LESS money than before?  If you can’t get this part of the hose unkinked, you will never have the cleaning company you want!

False Belief: If I want more money, I just have to work harder

If you want more money, you have to bring more value to the world. To bring more value, you MUST leverage your time. This means doing things that have lasting value (systems and culture), NOT things that have to be redone, cleaning, payroll, driving to accounts, etc.

False Belief: If I just keep doing the same thing, things will change

Doing what you are doing GUARANTEES the same result even if our emotional brains won’t accept that reality!  Sometimes we just think it will fix itself – we’re working hard, so the results will be there if we keep going.  The reality is that’s not the case. You have to make a change, what value you are bringing. Business doesn’t give you what’s fair, it gives you what you are bringing to it.

False Belief: If I just work hard now, I won’t have to work hard later

It depends on what you are working on. If you are building systems and culture and your own mindset, then YES!! If you are cleaning, driving, collecting, dealing with employee drama and putting out fires, then NO!!

False Belief: The systems, processes & mindset that got me here are the best way to get to the next level

There are levels of success and they require SCALABLE systems. Most owners cobble together systems to stop today’s pain without understanding the pain they create tomorrow. Many stretch those systems way beyond what they were meant for and it creates HUGE stress and pain. Oftentimes the systems that get you to the first level, aren’t enough to get you to the next level. Each level’s success requires a different system of complexity.  As soon as you have to hire teams, managers, etc. that requires an all new set of new systems.  

False Belief: If I constantly tell my employees what to do, they will get better

If you constantly tell them what to do, they will only keep depending on you to tell them what to do. If you constantly show them how to live your Core Values, and get out of the way, they will be able to run your company for you.  And remember, if you’re going to scale, you have to get employees to help. Once you’ve got the RIGHT people based on your core values, you can really start to grow!

It is possible to get time and money freedom from your Cleaning Company. You need million dollar systems and a million dollar mindset before you can have a million dollar company.  Once you become the WHO you need to be, it’s EASY to do what you need to do and you will be successful in LIFE, not just in business.

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