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Get ALL the Good Employees (even when competing with the government handing out money): Episode 548: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 548 – Get ALL the Good Employees (even when competing with the government handing out money)


I grew up in business always feeling like I couldn’t compete for employees. Other companies gave better pay, were bigger, had fancier offices, and better benefits. It felt like I needed talent to grow, but I needed to grow to get the best talent- it was a catch-22! Not only did I want to grow, I wanted the validation of good talent choosing ME and MY company over everyone else. I wanted to make sure what I built was real. I tried everything I knew, including paying more, going to job fairs, begging employees for referrals, putting random ads in random places trying to sound professional. Nothing was working!

A New “Competitor” in Town:

For all of us that have felt that way, it can be DEVASTATING when the government enters the competition paying people to do NOTHING. If you’ve always placed “figuring out” your hiring system on the back burner, with this new “competitor”, your hiring system is now a MUST. Uncertain times bring certain change. 100% of the time when times get crazy, the rich get richer, the successful more get more successful, and the poor get poorer. Uncertain times are polarizing. You WILL end up massively different. How you respond to this hiring crisis will have a lot to do with that difference being HUGE market share or being a COVID casualty.

Being REAL Attracts the Right People:

I made the discovery when we filmed our first hiring video with the website Jobing. The project was 60 minutes of filming, edited down to 60 seconds. The commercial didn’t talk about money, fancy offices, or benefits. Instead it was about what it FELT like to be on the team. The video featured one of our employees casually explaining what it was like to work with us while pouring himself a Jack and Coke. It was down to earth and REAL. Everything changed for me that day and we never ran a hiring ad after that. I was not only able to hire the best people but they started coming to ME. I moved from chasing and begging for customers, to sifting and sorting. EVEN when the “competition” paid more and seemed better!

System and Framework:

Here is the framework you can use to attract the BEST people in YOUR market, EVEN WHEN the government is paying people NOT to work.


  1. Get clear on your Core Values
  2. Create a hiring SYSTEM that follows your Core Values start to finish
  3. Hiring ad → Automated follow up → Core Values based interviews → Core Values based onboarding process 
  4. MOST importantly, LEAD your company by YOUR rules/ Core Values


The ability to attract the BEST talent is THE MOST important ability that your company can develop.


  • Need better cleaners? This will attract them.
  • Need better marketing? Hire the best!
  • Need better leadership? They will ONLY work where there is a STRONG culture they believe in.

The Best People Help You to Level Up:

Having the best people will not only grow your company and give you something you can be massively proud of, but it will also help you build a legacy you can sell for a bundle or pass on to your kids. More importantly, the better people you surround yourself with, the BETTER LEADER you become not only in business, but in LIFE!

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