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Episode 550

Flip the Switch- Change your Mindset from Cleaner to Business OWNER: Episode 550: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 550 – Flip the Switch- Change your Mindset from Cleaner to Business OWNER

One of the MAIN things stopping our clients from getting the life they want is the inability to see themselves as an owner. As long as you SEE YOURSELF as a cleaner or as a manager of cleaners, you cut off any ability to be an owner.

Cleaners and managers have jobs that:

    • They can’t take breaks from
    • Don’t allow them to flex their entrepreneurial muscles
    • Don’t pay particularly well
    • Aren’t really able to be sold for much


    • Work ON their business and can “pick up and set down” projects as suits their schedule
    • Get to do challenging creative work they can be proud of
    • Have virtually unlimited income potential
    • Can build something of value outside of themselves

The people that come to us and join our Elite group are either stuck, small companies or slaves to their business. It’s awesome to see their mindsets shift. People are able to separate from their businesses and live to their full potential as business OWNERS.

Let’s jump into the framework of how we work through “flipping this switch”.

1. Get clarity on what you want:

      • What do you want?
      • What RULES will you run your company with?
      • How do they pay and how much do they pay so you can get the result you want the fastest?
      • Which clients will get you to your goal the fastest and what do they want?  

2.  Get Clear on what you are willing to give up:

  • Commitment comes before change
  • You must be willing to pay ANY legal, ethical and moral price to get what you want
  • You can’t do what you’ve been doing and get DIFFERENT results 

3. Get Clear on exactly what do do:

  • Money tracking and reporting systems
  • Client attraction systems (based on what you want financially)
  • Employee attraction systems (based on what you want your business to look and feel like to YOU and the world)

4. All of that clarity will:

  • Help you to KNOW in your BONES you want to be an OWNER NOT a cleaner or manager
  • Allow you to CONFIDENTLY take MASSIVE action
  • Actually get results which gives you more confidence

None of this means ANYTHING if you do NOTHING. DECIDE (not wish) what you want NOW. Next, Do SOMETHING RIGHT NOW to get what you want. This can even be something as small as writing down ideas for a plan or having a conversation with your partner. Either take action to get what you want or be honest with yourself that you aren’t willing to do what it takes to be an owner! If you think I’m full of crap, don’t use that as an excuse to do nothing.

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