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Episode 377

Developing a Flow to Build a Successful Cleaning Company : 377 : Taj Jacobs


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Episode 377 – Developing a Flow to Build a Successful Cleaning Company

Today we are chatting with Taj Jacobs from Ridiculous Cleaning!

Taj’s current business model has him acquiring customers and revenue from all over the place, and he is looking for different ideas and systems to help him organize his business as well as take his company to the next level.

Having a flow for your business and really understanding how and where you get your clients is almost essential if you’re looking to grow.

Oftentimes when we get overwhelmed or feel like we aren’t getting everything we desire accomplished we will look for outside help. But the reality is if you can’t manage your own time effectively, bring on a team will just mean more people’s time getting wasted.

First and foremost, the most important, and oftentimes toughest concept that you will want to learn is boxing time. Boxing time is very useful and actually one of the very first things Mike goes over in his Clean Profit Method! While many people may think of themselves as good multi-taskers, there actually isn’t anyone who’s good at multitasking, because it’s a concept that doesn’t actually exist. People can rapidly switch their attention between things, but that is different and not very effective. Fully focusing on whatever is at hand, and having your days planned out can be a huge resource for growth both in and out of your business.

Another concept that we are going to focus on today is working ‘in’ (putting out fires, working out scheduling, anything else small picture.) ‘on’ (Creating Systems, Following Leads, Anything that is bigger picture.) and ‘out’ (Spending time with people and things that you enjoy outside of your business) your company.

You want to successfully box your time so you aren’t spending too much time doing any one item. For instance, you may want to let your employees know that they can only reach you during certain times. Anything outside of those times will have to wait. This gives you a period of clear-headedness to work solely on the higher level items and ‘on’ your business. Not only does it buy you time to work ‘on’ your company, but you’ll find that it also actually helps the employee grow and get better themselves.

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This method can also help a lot with your personal life outside of the company. Setting aside time for your family or friends where every moment is 100% focused on your time with them can be life-changing. As difficult and scary as it may seem to not deal with an upset customer right away, or not picking up that call from your employee at the dinner table, it will serve you well in the long run.

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With all of that amazingness, let’s head to the…

Lightning Round:

Best advice you’ve received either personally or professionally?

Chance favors only the mind that is prepared”

What’s the biggest mistake you’ve made in the cleaning business we can all learn from?

Not being open to new ideas and leaving money on the table and not trying to upsell.

What is your favorite book?

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