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Episode 339

Dealing With Crappy Employees: Episode 339: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 339 – Dealing With Crappy Employees

Today we’re talking with Stephanie Buxton from Swept Away Cleaners!

Stephanie is dealing with one of the most common problems in the cleaning business. Her question is, what do you do if you hire somebody that you’re reluctant to fire?

After hiring somebody to replace an employee she had to fire, she’s found herself back at square one. Like all cleaning company owners, she doesn’t want to continue to repeat this cycle of hiring and firing bad employees. She wants to find employees that will get the job done right and be an example to each other.

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A key step that Stephanie missed is in hiring employees that identify with her company’s core values. For example, Stephanie’s core values are to be honest, be aware, be wonderful to clients and have a good time doing it. When you hire somebody new, you want to ask them, “Are you willing to be a good member of this community by abiding by these values?

This question is part of your automated employee hiring system that works 24/7. Every week, you put in 2-4 hours towards bringing constant applicants, refusing to hire anybody that doesn’t confidently say they want to be a member of the community. Even if you have a full staff, you want to have your employee hiring system working. This way, if somebody quits, you have a queue of people ready to take their place.

Now, what do you do with employees not abiding by your core values that you’ve already hired? Ask them the same question. Say, “Hey employee, I’ve noticed that you’ve been cranky and have a bad attitude. It’s not helping us make money, or you make money. These are our core values, are you willing to be a good member of this community by abiding by these values?”

There are two responses you’ll receive. Either the employee will be apologetic, maybe not even realizing they had been giving off this energy. They’ll agree to becoming part of the community and you can give them one more chance. If you have the same problem with them again later, then it’s time to fire them.

The second response is one that shows the employee is not interested in following by your core values and is not going to be a community member. As scary is it feels to fire them, it’s absolutely necessary. Because you have your employee generation system working for you, there’s a queue of new employees ready to take their spot. This makes your life 10x easier and makes firing unsuitable employees less of a problem.

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Lightning Round:

Best advice you’ve received either personally or professionally?

Pick a niche.

What’s the biggest mistake you’ve made in the cleaning business we can all learn from?

Not bidding correctly.

What is your favorite book?

The Help.

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