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Episode 1065

Dealing with Annoying Client Requests in the Cleaning Business (and more of YOUR questions answered!): Episode 1065


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Episode 1065 – Dealing with Annoying Client Requests in the Cleaning Business (and more of YOUR questions answered!)


In the bustling world of cleaning businesses, owners face unique challenges. Mike Campion, the seasoned expert and host of the Grow My Cleaning Company podcast, recently discussed some of these challenges. Lindsay Bjorklund, co-host, joined in on the conversation. Let’s delve into key takeaways from their recent podcast episode.

Addressing a Common Concern: Convincing Clients to Allow Cleaning without Their Presence:

One listener, Janet, posed a common challenge: how to convince clients to allow the cleaning team access when they are not at home. Mike emphasized the importance of setting standards and framing the conversation positively. He suggested reframing “convince” to “encourage” and explained the significance of clear communication about scheduling, payment, and the benefits for clients.

Building a Management Team in Cleaning Companies:

A listener from Eco Green Office Cleaning Services sought advice on building a management team. Mike emphasized the need to start with clarity on the roles and outcomes desired. He recommended thin-slicing responsibilities to ensure efficiency and scalability. By breaking down job descriptions and outcomes, a well-organized management team can be built.

Effective Employee Advertising:

A question arose about the best places to advertise for hiring employees. Mike underscored the importance of focusing on what to advertise rather than just where. He urged listeners to align job descriptions with core values, ensuring that the message attracts the right candidates.

Optimizing Marketing Budgets:

Corey inquired about allocating money towards marketing and hiring concurrently. Mike advised allocating 5-10% of the total revenue to marketing, emphasizing the importance of tracking data for informed decision-making. Database decisions, he stressed, should replace emotional-based judgments.

Dealing with Unfit Clients during Walkthroughs:

A listener, Reina, sought advice on handling walkthroughs with potential clients who may not be a good fit. Mike applauded Reina’s commitment to setting boundaries but advised communicating diplomatically about differing expectations. Setting clear criteria and explaining the company’s standards helps avoid potential issues.

Navigating Initial Deep Cleans: Commercial vs. Residential:

Shanna questioned the approach to initial deep cleans for commercial clients. Mike highlighted the importance of maximizing lifetime client value and suggested charging appropriately to cover extra costs. For residential clients, he proposed offering the initial deep clean at cost or as part of the recurring service.


In the dynamic world of cleaning businesses, Mike Campion’s insights, delivered in his signature style, provide valuable guidance. Navigating challenges, setting clear standards, and optimizing processes are key elements for success in the cleaning industry. Stay tuned for more insights from the Grow My Cleaning Company podcast.
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