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Episode 353

Creating a Shock & Awe Package for Law Firm Niche: 353 : Isaac Kuhn


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Episode 353 – Creating a Shock & Awe Package for Law Firm Niche

Today we’re talking with Isaac from Super Clean Office!

Isaac is curious as to how to create a shock and awe package for a specific niche. In his case, he’s looking to create this package for law firms.

The Shock and Awe package is step six and module three of the Clean Profit Method, where I go into detail explaining how to create packages for every niche.

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The first step of creating this package is to get a clear picture of what your niche’s pain is. For law firms, Isaac has discovered that there are two major pain points. The first pain point is cleaners not showing up on time. The second pain point is the lawyers having to micromanage the cleaning company to make sure the job gets done. To find your niches pain point, have five to ten conversations with your ideal customers to figure out what problems they need fixed.

Once you’ve uncovered your niche’s pain point, called the “What” in the Clean Profit Method, you want to define the “why”. Why does this pain point cost your niche time or money? For example, let’s say a lawyer spends an hour having to micromanage the cleaning company they hired each week. To hire this lawyer, it costs $300+ an hour. This means this lawyer is losing $300+ a week by working with this cleaning company.

The second step is to figure out your package. How are you going to pitch this client?

Chances are that an email isn’t going to be opened.

There’s a 20% chance that an envelope with your company’s name, that looks like a sales pitch, is going to be opened.

A postcard has a large chance of being seen, since it’s already opened, and has potential for engagement.

A white envelope with a live stamp and a handwritten address is opened almost 100% of the time.

A Fedex package has an even higher chance of being opened.

The third step is to decide what to put inside the package.

Customization is huge here. For example, in your package to the lawyer’s office you could put a $20 bill and ask, “Do you want to keep losing 15 of these a week? That’s how much it costs to work with inefficient, unprofessional cleaners.” You can also use LinkedIn and Facebook to tailor the package to the persons interests by sending signed memorabilia of their favorite sports team or band.

Another customization tactic is to make a video to send to clients. Each video will mention the person by name. A hack is to create one video that can be used for various pitches and customize the beginning of it with each person’s name.

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What’s the biggest mistake you’ve made in the cleaning business we can all learn from?

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What is your favorite book?

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