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Episode 387

Creating a REAL plan to Achieve Your Cleaning Company Goals : 387 : Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 387 – Creating a REAL plan to Achieve Your Cleaning Company Goals

Welcome Cleaning Nation! If you’re looking to hit 2019 with a real plan to reach your goals for the year, then you are in the right place.

There are a lot of people that feel like they hit a wall with their company and either don’t know how to grow, or don’t know which systems they need to implement to take their company to the next level. There are a lot of problems with not having a clear goal for which direction you want your company to head. Let’s take a look at some of the issues that you may run into to.

  • Wasted Advertising
    • Mike has heard things along the line of “I tried Facebook marketing and it doesn’t work”, when in reality what doesn’t work is blasting ads to random people at random times. There are many places, like Facebook, that offer many different ways to help improve the click-rate of your ads. If you can do things like find out what types of people are likely to click your ads at what times there is a high chance that you will see your ads get clicked much more frequently.
  • Not Knowing How Much to Charge
    • Another thing that Mike runs into constantly, is people thinking that it’s okay to have low margins if it means not having to raise prices. The issue with this is that it locks you into a place where you’re constantly scraping by to pay for everything and even when you have a surplus of customers you won’t be making good money. A better practice is to charge a more premium price for more premium services.
  • Losing Hope
    • This may seem like a small one, but many people run into a deep feeling of dread when they feel like there is nothing else they can do for their company. This feeling can get really bad when it starts affecting your personal life as well. Chances are you started your company to relieve the worry about where your rent is going to come from, and when you feel like your company is stagnant it can actually intensify this.

Resource Alert

Something that a lot of people forget to do, is to think about the return. Instead of looking at marketing, or investing in yourself with books, coaching, or doing things like reading content right here as a waste of time/money, start thinking about the return. Marketing should be used to generate more income, so if you’re doing it right there shouldn’t be any actual loss. The same goes for self-investment. While some may look at reading books and seeking help as a waste of time because they think they already have everything figured out, it’s really the one and only thing that you will actually really ever keep.

There is a book by Randy Alcorn, called The Treasure Principle in which he talks about taking his son to a landfill, and explaining that everything that anyone ever buys will eventually end up in a dump. There are things every day that are being sent to dumps and junkyards that people once loved and saved up for. Investing in yourself through knowledge is truly one of the only things that will be in your life forever.

Now, let’s get down to how you can actually set goals that are going to work for you and help you achieve them. Too many people have the thought in their head that they can just work harder and clean more to brute force growth, but you’ll find yourself getting exhausted from that lifestyle very quickly. Before you set your goals you want to have a few things in mind.

For one, you’ll want to know where you are right now in regards to time and money. How much time you’re spending in your company vs. how much revenue (Gross company revenue as well as personal net revenue.) you’re attaining. Using this data you’ll want to set specific numbers for where you want to be next year. Having a goal to “Grow as big as you possibly can’ can be difficult to keep you hardworking and focused, and can lead to becoming exhausted with your company quicker.

If you like what you’ve read, and have any questions, or are looking to talk with Mike on how to take your business to the next level, head over to and schedule your free breakthrough session.

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