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Episode 458

Unique Selling Proposition for Your Cleaning Company: Episode 458: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 458 – Unique Selling Proposition for Your Cleaning Company

The question of how to create a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) for your Cleaning Company comes up often. It’s hard dealing with lowball competition and feeling like your customers only want to talk about price. The reality is, if you can’t distinguish yourself from your competition, that’s what you’re stuck doing.  This in turn makes it hard to make a profit, preventing you from providing an excellent customer experience, or affording good employees.  The quality of your customers also drops.  Cheap customers complain more, respect you less, and treat your employees worse.  So ultimately your self-worth, and how much you value your company, is reflected in the price you charge.

False Belief: People will buy from me because I’m charming

So many times I hear ‘Oh, just give me any person and I’ll get them to buy from me because I’m so charming.’  But the reality is that people will buy from you when they think you are the BEST person to solve their problem.  If all things are equal – same price, same quality, and same ability, then they will pick the person they like the most or trust the best.  Know, like and trust is great, but your charm and personality isn’t enough.

False Belief: It’s All About Price (or My Customers Want the Most Cleaning for the Lowest Price)

We’ve got to get over that feeling that it’s ‘all about price’. That is just NOT the life you want to live.  We get what we attract. If you think all your customers want to talk about price and want cheap, then you will attract cheap people who only want to talk about price. In reality, it’s not about price.  It’s about making people FEEL the way they want to feel.  And sometimes, people don’t even know what they want and it’s our job to help them understand.  An un-educated buyer may just say ‘I want the cheapest price’.   Your job would then be to ask, ‘Okay, is it important to you if we’re insured so everyone is protected?’  Or, ‘Would you like the people cleaning your house to have a criminal record?’ They don’t want that!  When you get into the data, it’s not at all about the price.  Ultimately, customers want that feeling of certainty.

False Belief: You need a clever slogan

You don’t need a clever slogan, you need a PROMISE.  You need a promise that sets you apart from every other option they have. When Steve Jobs was launching the iPod his slogan was ‘A Thousand Songs in your Pocket’.  Other examples of good slogans are ‘Melts in Your Mouth, not in Your Hand.’  or ‘The Happiest Place on Earth.’  I’m not saying the brands, but you know exactly what  I’m referring to!  So you need a quick, powerful, easy-to-recall PROMISE that sets you apart from every other option they have, including doing nothing!  You have to remember you’re also competing with that natural desire to keep things the way they already are.  So we need to give them that feeling of certainty that your service is going to make them feel a certain way.  A great USP can provide certainty with a ‘risk-removing proposition’ like ‘Hot Fresh Pizza Delivered to Your Door in 30 Minutes or it’s Free.’  Those remove the risk.

Two things your Unique Selling Proposition needs

Create your USP with these two requirements:

1. Make it unique – right in the word, and
2. It’s got to bring value to your customer.

This can’t happen unless you truly understand your customer’s pain.  Find your customer’s pain and come up with a Unique Selling Proposition around that. You need to make sure you’re not focusing on ‘us-centered’ USP’s and instead focusing on ‘them-centered USP’s”.  When you get it right, and you give your customer certainty, you don’t have to compete on price, and you elevate your company, its value in the market, and the esteem of you and your employees.

Take Action!

My favorite thing is that we here at Grow My Cleaning Company have such a big impact on all Cleaning Company owners worldwide, but I don’t like that the majority of you don’t do anything to change! Create that Unique Selling Proposition for YOUR Cleaning Company! Be the guy or gal that says “Today is the day!  I’m going to actually start getting the right customers, stop competing for price, and be able to distinguish myself from the competition”.  Visit our website right now, watch our FREE webinar, and take action to finally change your life!

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