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Episode 392

Case Study Episode With Owners of Premier Janitorial Services : 392 : Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 392 – Case Study Episode With Owners of Premier Janitorial Services

Today Mike is doing his first live podcast with actual members of Cleaning Nation! Mike is talking with Kim and Jason, a married couple that owns Premier Janitorial Services! We are going see just how Jason and Kim grew their company from 0 to 30+ employees in just 7 years.

What is the biggest thing you’ve done right?

“Trying to run the business on who we are, and what our beliefs are. You taught us to run our business on core values. Well that’s front and center now, verses before we were kind of doing that in a way but we weren’t really putting that out there.”

What is the biggest mistake you’ve made?

“Hiring. We made a lot of poor decisions based on lead. When all the sudden you get 3 or 4 new accounts, and you’re not overstaffed, and you’re chasing people and cleaning, and you want people even though they may not be the best fit. I would say that’s where we messed up the most.

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Did you have a last straw that led you to start searching for help, or did you just happen upon us?

“I would say that we’ve been searching. We knew that we needed some kind of system and structure, we had been looking when we stumbled across you and once we talked with you and realized that our core values matched up I knew that you could help us.”

What was the process of searching like? What other things did you try before stumbling across Cleaning Nation?

“It was a long process. We joined mastermind groups, and some other groups out there, and worked with another business coach, a few different things. When we started the business, we did so through a $100 book that we found, some forms, and a lot of research. I would say lots of things.

What was the first thing that we asked you to do that made the biggest impact?

“Implementing the core values. Figuring out what we are, and getting that out to the employees.”

What are your core values?

Do What it Takes, Do What You Say, Help Others and Have Fun.”

“I love that. If I would have asked you that same question when we had first met you would have stumbled over some things that you think are important in the moment, but now off the top of your head you can show people what you’re all about. It really attracts good people and deters people who wouldn’t be a great fit.”

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