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Episode 360

Attracting New Customers While Balancing Employees: 360 : Dominique Williams


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Episode 360 – Attracting New Customers While Balancing Employees

Today we’re talking with Dominique from Auto Dealers Cleaner!

Dominique is looking to bridge the gap between marketing and operation. He’s wondering, how does he balance attracting new customers while on boarding new employees?

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This is a problem I fix for clients regularly. Here’s what we do.

We need to create systems and we need them to work simultaneously. It’s not possible for you to take on every job in the business, but it is possible to create systems that complete jobs for you. The three systems are sales and marketing, delivery and accounting.

Using this strategy, the rest of your time will be split between operation systems that attract and onboard the right employees and customers.

The first step to balance all of the tasks of a cleaning company owner is to create a list of every job that needs to be completed for your business to run. For example, homes need to be cleaned, employees need to be paid, supplies need to be purchased, etc. Each of these jobs lands under sales and marketing, delivery or accounting.

The second step is to place each job within the system it correlates to. After, write down who accomplishes it. In the first few years of your cleaning company, you may be the person who’s name is next to all of those jobs.

The third step is to write job descriptions for each task that needs to get done. The point of these descriptions is to figure out who would be the best employee for each job. For example, an accountant shouldn’t be your marketing guy.

The fourth step is to ask yourself, is there a way to systemize this task? The purpose of this is to replace hours of low cost labor. For example, ordering new cleaning supplies is a $10/hour job. You don’t want to spend your time completing a low paying job. Instead, your supplier could replace supplies based off of your weekly or monthly usage.

The final step is to hire somebody for any task that can’t be systemized. Using your job description, you’ll hire the person that is bet fit to complete that specific job.

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Lightning Round:

Best advice you’ve received either personally or professionally?

Time is more valuable than money.

What’s the biggest mistake you’ve made in the cleaning business we can all learn from?

Not checking in with customers regularly.

What is your favorite book?

F.U Money: Make As Much Money As You Damn Well Want and Live Your Life As You Damn Well Please! By Dan Lok

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