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Episode 435

Actionable Steps to Take When Your Cleaning Company Website Isn't Working : Episode 435 : Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 435 – Actionable Steps to Take When Your Cleaning Company Website Isn't Working

Over time as Mike talks to more and more members of cleaning nation, he starts to notice different things that people are struggling with. One of the most common things that he sees, is people not knowing how to utilize their website.That’s why today he is here to cover the difference between having a website that actually benefits your company, rather than just display some basic information.

Without having proper systems in place to help acquire customers, the fate of your company is left up to things like the economy, and chance, and other things beyond your control. However if you take control and really utilize your site you will start to see how massive of a difference it can really make. We are going to get into what makes a website great, but Mike wanted to take a moment to squash the misconception that once you have a website, everything is great. Your website should be a piece of your client attraction system, not your entire client attraction system.

Now let’s look at what makes a website have actual value rather than just being an information hub. Before you even start your website, you’ll want to have your goals and an idea of what you want to track clear in your mind. There should be two main components to your website, the funnel, and the look of your website and how you get your potential clients into it.

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By far the biggest flaw that Mike sees throughout companies websites’ is when the entire website is completely revolved around themselves. No customer wants to hear about how great you are, that’s what every one of your competitors websites look like. Your customers have a pain and they want to know that you can cure it. Apart from that, your website should also serve another purpose. Putting your customer in a funnel. A lot of people have people make it to their website, but that should only be the first part of your funnel. By using a funnel and breaking your website into multiple different steps you will start to see your potential customers to be much more likely to become actual customers. Instead of focusing on getting anyone who visits your website to call right away, you should be focusing on getting more information from your ideal customer so that you can follow up with them.  

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Another misconception that can be a website killer is that your website has to look professional. The truth is that the message on your website is a lot more important than how it’s presented. Authenticity is so much more important than how the website looks.

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