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Episode 389

Acquiring Customers While Hiring New Employees : 389 : Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 389 – Acquiring Customers While Hiring New Employees

Mike is going to talk about one of the biggest things that stops growth in a cleaning company; getting caught up in not having enough customers/clients. Pricing, and being stuck on the game of chicken and egg with finding customers and employees are the two biggest business killers.

As always we are going to start with the foundation. Let’s talk about what beliefs we’ve got to squash before we move on.  

Only Hire When You Need People

This is a mistake that most small cleaning companies make, yet virtually no large ones. There are many things you can do with a surplus of employees. You’ll want systems in place so that you’re always hiring, which is a great segway into our next point….

It’s Immoral to Have Interviews When you Don’t Have an Open Position

One of the ways to ease the pain of someone quitting, or no call no showing, is by having a list of people that have already gone through the interview process and that you know are solid people to call when you need them. It isn’t wrong to interview people and then explain that you don’t have a position open at the moment but that you’ll give them a call when you do.

When Someone Quits, I’ll just Hire Someone

A lot of people just fall into the mindset that if someone quits, that you can just hire a new person ASAP to replace them. And you can. However what you’ll start running into is the vicious cycle where you hire anyone that is willing to work, even if they’re not a good fit for your company just because you need the body. The best time to start hiring is two weeks ago. You’ll want to try and always have A list players and the peace of mind knowing that you’ve got a solid backup employee if anything ever goes wrong.

The Hiring Process Sucks

If you have a bad system, you’ll start to associate the hiring process with bad times, when the truth is the bigger struggle is looking for talent in employees, not as much finding customers. Once you get a good system in place you’ll start to find that the hiring process isn’t as bad as you may have thought.

The first step to getting your flow of customers and employees, is to make sure that you have a system in place that is going all the time. You personally can only look through so many applications, or do so many different interviews in a given day. If you’ve got an automated system that can do things like set up different group interview times with potential employees, this can help cut down on time that you personally have to spend working “in” the hiring process and give you more time to work on things.

Resource Alert:

Mike is going to give you his system that he uses to not just attract any employees but good employees. Core Value Based Hiring Ad > Landing Page > Automated Follow Up > Group Interview > One on One Interview > Working Interview. If you would like Mike to talk one-on-one all about your business and how you can implement this system yourself, head over to GrowMyCleaningCompany/Talk!

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