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Episode 469

4 Myths about Growing Your Cleaning Company: Episode 469: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 469 – 4 Myths about Growing Your Cleaning Company

Today we discuss 4 Myths, or lies, about Growing Your Cleaning Company. We are following the leader but the leader is broke! The leaders don’t know what they are doing. I’ve seen these myths, or lies, destroy companies. If you are frustrated and don’t know why you’re working so hard, and feel enslaved to your business, then this is for you!

Myth One: It’s okay to go days or weeks or months without a lead or bids, and to not know where your leads are coming from

So do you know many leads you got last week?  First and foremost you need to be very uncomfortable if you go days without a lead!  I see people go months without a lead – they think it’s normal, but it is NOT. You need to know how many you’re getting, and by what source.   it’s not okay to go without leads, to not know where they came from, nor how to get them! If you go without leads and that’s typical, you’ve got a problem.  If you say you grew your company by referral, yes, we love referrals, but you can’t track them, you can’t scale them, and you don’t know if you’ll get enough to hit your goals.  You need several scalable, repeatable, dependable lead sources. No leads, equals no business. You’ll go out of business if you run out of leads.  

Myth Two: I can grow a rock solid company without a rock solid hiring system.

Some people think employees and customers are two separate things.  They don’t see the connection. You can’t grow if you don’t have employees, or you just don’t have GOOD employees. Combine that with no leads – employee insecurity!  Not having a hiring system will destroy your company. Typically when people ask for help they have two concerns – not enough employees or not enough customers. You need a system that is bringing you new employees all the time!  If you don’t, you won’t be able to keep the new customers you’re getting and you won’t be able to grow. Not having a hiring system and that employee insecurity will not only kill your business growth, but may sadly kill your DESIRE to grow.

Myth Three: I have to take all customers so I can grow.

You do NOT have to take all customers.  Customers that don’t pay enough, on time or at all.  There are three types of customer that can screw your business – customers that don’t pay enough, don’t pay on time, or don’t pay at all. All three are deal breakers.  You always have overhead. What happens if they pay you late, or never pay you? That will put a chokehold on your business. These types of customers don’t value the service you bring.  You only have to take the customers that value you! Make sure they are a core values match. And one time cleans have so many problems associated with them. You can’t bill in advance. Your profit goes way up and way down every month because of the unpredictability of one-time cleans. It is also impossible to scale them, and it prevents you from getting any quality talent.  It’s almost impossible to attract employees if you have an unpredictable schedule. Then what happens is you’re working all the time, you’re working extremely hard and not making any money. It’s awful! Don’t take one-time cleans.

Myth Four: You have to clean or be in the field

The reality is when you believe this you have just given up on your goal.  When you start a company, rarely do you say you want to clean all day! If you want to clean, get a job as a cleaner.  If you want to own your own business, don’t clean – run your business! Cleaning is like eating the seeds instead of planting them.  Who’s running the company when you’re cleaning? Nobody! Cleaning is the lowest paying job in your company. Building client based attraction systems are the highest paid jobs.  If you want to grow your business, and create that time and financial freedom that you associate with being a business owner, then you should NOT be cleaning. You should be doing the higher paid job of running and growing the company.

These are four common myths, or lies, that people believe when they own a Cleaning Company,  If you would like help breaking free of these false beliefs so that you can really start to grow your company and reach the goals you set when you first decided to become a business owners, get in touch!  If you enjoyed this and would like to watch this video and others like it, click here. If you are still hungry to learn more and would like to watch our free informative webinar, head over to this link and find the most suitable time for you!

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