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Episode 439

3 Biggest Mistakes Cleaning Companies Make : Episode 439 : Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 439 – 3 Biggest Mistakes Cleaning Companies Make

Today is a special episode featuring Grow My Cleaning Companies newest coach, Jake Deweiss! Last month, Mike got over 180 requests last month alone, too much for one person alone. Mike knew that he needed help and hired Jake in May, and he has done over 60 coaching calls, and Mike thought it would be a good time to tap in and see if he has noticed any patterns and have him come on the podcast (which can be found here.) to talk about the 3 of the biggest mistakes he has noticed.

The first trend he noticed that was really holding a lot of people back was people too fearful to take the next steps. People who don’t like where their business is at, but are simultaneously too scared of failure to do anything about it. There are also others who just don’t feel like it the right timing, or are quick to look for excuses that make them feel better about their situation. It’s okay to fail, and being paralized by the thought of it just lets it win, if you truly want to grow your cleaning company than you have to be dedicated to your company and willing to do difficult things to help it grow.

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The second trait that Jake noticed was really holding people back is commitment. This is something that Mike has been saying is one of the biggest Cleaning Company Killers for some time now – commitment. Jake noticed that certain entrepreneurs that he’s talked to have a huge difference in commitment levels directly after he first speaks with them versus after a few weeks. He’s talked to people who are working 40-60 weeks and are spending a majority of that time working in their business rather than on it. For some, the security in their current lifestyle is enough to deter them from striving for something better. If you really want to grow you must have the dedication and willpower to force yourself to do things outside of your comfort zone. 

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The last recurring mistake that Jake has noticed is people waiting too long before seeking help. Many people will read something on the website, or listen to a podcast and be super inspired to make some changes in their company, but then let life get in the way and never get back around to it. You need to take charge of your life and your company if you want to see real growth and change. While Mike has helped people across the spectrum, it is a lot easier to grow your business the earlier in it’s lifespan that you commit.

If you enjoyed this and would like to watch the VOD of the facebook livestream, click here, and if you are still hungry for more, head over to this link and find the most suitable time for you!

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