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Episode 471

20% Revenue Increase in 9 Weeks: Meet Julie!: Episode 471: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 471 – 20% Revenue Increase in 9 Weeks

In today’s episode, Julie talks to Mike about her experience in the GMCC program, and shares what she did to get a 20% increase in revenue in 9 weeks!  Here is her takeaway in her own words:

Scalable Tools and Systems

I removed the ambiguity that muddies up everyday business. These systems gave me confidence and clarity to stay focused on growing my business and it removed my fear of growth. I put them in place and felt a huge sigh of relief, ESPECIALLY with the client profitability tracker useful for pricing jobs

I went from feeling like an amateur…

and wondering if I knew what the heck I was doing, to KNOWING I add great value to clients and knowing how to communicate that. Honestly, it was how Mike treated me. When I’d ask a question that was filled with worrying about small things and penny-pinching on softwares, he told me to get back to the business of developing my business. This was a wake up call and reminded me why I was doing this! 

The community of people is impeccable

For 9 weeks, you hear loud and clear, “YOU ARE NOT ALONE” from people you grow to respect and admire, and you start solving problems together.. This increased my confidence and inspired me to go after things I used to not think were possible for my business. Now I know if I run into something I don’t know how to do, I can reach out to other knowledgeable folks.

The mindset coaching calls

These calls  surpassed the topics I face in business and allowed me to identify fears and insecurities that I have in general, and realize how they impact my approach to business. I am blown away remembering about how authentically cared for I felt when I talked with my coach. I know mindset impacts our work and outcome; I did not know that just a bit of attention and work on mindset could change things so quickly. This support, combined with Mike’s, “no-nonsense” language, was EXACTLY what I needed to get moving while still feeling confident in myself!!

The financial outcome

With the same contracts I had before, in 9 weeks I have been able to increase revenue by 20%, increase employee pay by 5% and 15%, and bring my cost of goods sold down from 67% to 53%.

Mike explains that Julie came prepared to every call, with well-thought out questions and clearly an interest to get everything she could out of the program.  “I just give you guys the tools and systems – you have to show up and do the work.” Mike says. Change is uncomfortable for everyone, and you have to push through the discomfort if you want to see changes happen.  Julie was a star student! Not only is she a wonderful person who cares a lot about people and the services she provides to them, she also came ready to learn so she could grow and achieve her goals of financial and time freedom. 

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