How to Overcome Prospective Client’s Doubts About You

  • November 02, 2017
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How to Profit Big as a Woman Entrepreneur in the Commercial Cleaning Business

Today we’re chatting with Bianca Rivera!

Bianca proposes an interesting question, one we haven’t really seen here at Cleaning Nation. Her question is how can she succeed in the commercial cleaning world when it is absolutely dominated by men.

The answer I gave her is a simple yet powerful one. When everyone is expecting you to zig, you zag. In other words, it is time to perform a pattern interrupt.

Pattern interrupts is where you do not do what is expected, and because you didn’t you can often be seen in a fresh light. Of course, your business needs to be solid in order to pull it off where it doesn’t go the other way, but if you’re a woman business owner you already have this ability hook line and sinker.

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Men can be FULL of testosterone, aggression, each business man vying for dominion over the other in sales settings and other business settings. Just by embracing your femininity, you can become a positive pattern interrupt every time you walk into a meeting.

You don’t need to don traditional masculine traits to do this successfully either.

In fact, you’re far more likely to succeed if you don’t do that.

Women in general are almost always more effective when it comes to outbound sales. If I were to walk into a room, and a woman competing with me walks in the room, she is almost always going to get more attention than me. This is especially true in a male dominated industry like commercial cleaning. You can offer an incredibly refreshing pattern interrupt to your clients at the outset… but it goes deeper than that

Most women I could safely say are more intuitive than man. They understand the emotions people are feeling or struggling with more.

You can use this knowledge throughout your entire sales process, even your marketing process when you start investing in copywriting for ads and sales letters to get new client contracts.

It can feel like an uphill battle initially, but with just a few tweaks it doesn’t have to be at all. As Bianca says below in the Lightning Round, focus on where your core strengths are.

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In my opinion, a woman owned commercial cleaning company will almost always have a stronger sales power than a man owned commercial cleaning company.

Back that ability to sell up with high quality work where you really are solving your client’s pains and frustration, and you will reap the rewards MASSIVELY.

Okay, all that being said, let’s dive into the actual Lightning Round!

Lightning Round

Best advice you’ve received either personally or professionally?
Do something different. Set yourself apart but also stick to your core values.
What’s the biggest mistake you’ve made in the cleaning business we can all learn from?.
Straying from your core value and what you’re uniquely bringing to the table.
What’s one idea cleaning nation can put into practice to improve their business or their lives immediately?
Focus on the key core things that you’re best at. Stop focusing on areas that aren’t bringing you real value.

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